Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant.

Who doesn’t love a hidden find? I know I do, no matter whether it disappoints or not, something new and fresh to breathe in is a must-try anyways. Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant is located within the Eurasian Community House along Dunman Road. It may look just a tad’ bit run down from the outside while walking in, but the restaurant sure looks fine.

Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant Menu.

Bar Counter.

With it being situated in a not-so-accessible location, coupled with it not being too crowded whilst there, the setting was perfect for the afternoon lunch. Red tablecloth, glass wares and the set, gives the feeling of a mismatch between the price of the food items and the ambience – a rare occasion.

With us being hungry like carnivores, we decided to order some sides / desserts-before-mains even before the rest of the friends arrived.

Fried Devilled Wings :: $12.80++

Fried Devilled Wings ($12.80++) :: By the name of it, it sounds promising. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so when it was served. It was neither salty enough, nor spicy enough. On top of that, the inside of the wings was burnt. Maybe it was thawed in the right manner, but yes, you can skip this dish if you’re looking for sides.

Display of Molten Cakes.

Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream :: $5++

Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($5++) :: To be frank, when I hear ‘Molten Cake’, my heart will say yes no matter what my sense of taste may have an opinion on. I must say, if you don’t think about it too much, it won’t be as discounted as I did to it, as I had some high expectations on it (or Molten Cakes in general) even before it came. Although so, the Vanilla Ice Cream is for sure some supermarket house brand standard.

Crackers as Complimentary Starters.

So when all friends have marked their attendance, they served the complimentary plate of crackers, accompanied by a dish of sambal chilli. And let me get this out – the sambal chilli is oh-so-orgasmic! Who would have thought crackers go well with chilli. A good experience on this (although I still prefer Mexican’s nachos as starters!).

Oh yes, before we go into the main courses – this restaurant serves dishes like it’s a coffeeshop eatery serving home-style dishes cooked to your order (zi char). So a plate of rice each was served to us (I love their rice, ones where you can easily separate each grain of rice, relatively dry), and of which you can asked to be topped up as and when you like throughout the meal.

Roast Beef :: $16.80++

Fried Pepper Steak :: $15.80++

Chicken & Beef Stew, Kristang Stye :: $15.80++

Pan Fried Dory Fillet :: $13.80++

Since we’re talking about ‘zi char’, let’s ‘char’ all these dishes’ reviews together. Of the two beefs that we ordered, I thought the Roast Beef was more flavorful and easier down the throat. The Pepper Steak, even though it’s supposed to be my favorite (because Pepper is my life), did not quite meet the expectation. It was quite bland I thought. We had Chicken Stew, AND Beef Stew. The former has a sweeter taste to its stew, while the latter a saltier one. If you ask me to choose one, I’d choose Chicken Stew for its tender meat (really awesome), but Beef Stew for its stew. For the Dory Fillet, I see tumeric, I see lemongrass, I go drooling. Even though it did turn out to be good, it didn’t quite match what I envisioned it to be.

Sugee Cake :: $5++

Sugee Cake ($5++) :: I’ve heard so much raving reviews on its Sugee Cake, so I decided to give it a try. I really, really haven’t any idea what it should taste like. To put it simply, it’s hard, it’s dry, it’s grainy, it’s bland on the base and sweet on the top (icing). If that’s what it’s supposed to taste like, then yes. But otherwise, it isn’t to my liking. It doesn’t have any awful taste, but for the first time, I neither hate / love a dessert. That doesn’t happen much, does it?

What I have to compliment them on is their service. Well, I don’t know, but you just can’t get good service across the board, can you? Every individual is different. In this restaurant, I’ve no idea what kind of waitpersons they hire, seeing that it’s a Community House, but they’re generally alright, although not as attentive / know what to do. But the lady boss (or at least she looks like she is) was outstandingly friendly and approachable. She makes me feel at home.

What’s good is its price – it’s not something to complain about at all. But the reason why, I would most probably not return is because there are more food items in the menu that don’t taste as good, than those that actually satisfies.

Everything aside, if you’ve decided to give it a go (which I wouldn’t object), and like it, they have a free membership that you can apply for. You can get the card immediately, and a loyalty card. In any case, if you’re looking for something different, here.

—> Note #1: Note the time that you’re heading there, because they’re only open from 1130 – 1430 (last order 1400) for lunch and 1830 – 2230 (last order 2200) for dinner. And closed on Monday. This applies to this outlet in context.

Address (In Context): 139 Ceylon Road, Eurasian Community House
Telephone: 6438 0327
Photos by me.

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