Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

Max Brenner has been on my Temptations Page for the longest time. It’s like hanging a thread tied with your favorite food, swinging it in your face. The smell lingers, the eyes hypnotized – so near yet so far! Finally, finally, Esplanade had all their shops closed, leaving only Max Brenner open. Oh, just kidding. Anyways, it was between a few places for desserts and I’m glad we at least went in.

Max Brenner – Chocolate by the Bald Man. That is what they call themselves. Probably because one of the owners is bald. I haven’t any idea how well the marketing for that tagline has gone. Anyhows, it’s definitely unique and one of a kind.


It isn’t necessarily big. Nor is the Chocolate Bar a very comfortable (though it can be cozy) place to stay for long and enjoy the chocolate. But I guess what sets this potential weight-gainer restaurant apart from the rest is its theme. Unlike the Chocolate Buffets in Fullerton Hotel / Marina Bay Sands, which has a classy and elegance touch to it, Max Brenner has dashes of artsy fartsy feel.

Max Brenner Menu.

A Chocolate Love Story. For sure, they have cooked up quite some stories for their chain. I love how they have come up with statements relating to chocolates. Here goes.

Chocolate is not just about taste. It’s a symbol of different aspects in our lives – of romance, of sensuality, of decadence. These aspects actually create the new chocolate culture of Max Brenner.

Don’t you just feel blissful and blessed already?

Chocolate Pizza with Banana Slices :: $13.50++

Chocolate Pizza with Banana Slices ($13.50++) :: This caught my attention while flipping through the pages of drooling-good chocolate dishes. They have items ranging from hot chocolates to pizzas to crepes. I was so torn as to what to order. If not that we already have a full meal before, I’d have insisted on having a bigger piece of Max Brenner on my first trip there. Indeed, it didn’t disappoint. You don’t have to worry about it being not as chocolatey as you thought, neither do you need to worry about not having enough of it. Best way of eating here is probably ordering many different items and sharing it throughout with your group of friends. That way you wouldn’t get too much on a specific one – you know how chocolates can play with you.
Fun fact: The Chocolate Pizza is featured in the US TV Show, Food Network’s ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate / Pizza’.

Interestingly, they are certified kosher too. Probably because they originate from Israel.

I’ll be sure to be back any time soon. And as and when that happens, I’ll most promptly update more of it here. So far, I’ve been more than satisfied.

Address (In Context): 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-06/08, Esplanade Mall
Telephone: 6235 9556
Photos by me.

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