Hill Top Japanese Restaurant [Menu Included].

A Teppanyaki Restaurant on a hilltop. Mhm, well, not too bad an idea, was my thought when thinking of where to head to for a nice, yet different experience. If you’re on a public transport, forget about going there. By its name you can already guess (and no prize for guessing) that it’s well on top. By that though, it also means that the view will be rewarding.

On top of the hill.

View from the hill.

Hill Top Japanese Restaurant is without a doubt, a hidden find. You already get a treat (to your eyes) even before you enter the restaurant. The feeling is just, carefree. Whilst at the carpark, you’ll see a long flight of stairs leading up – don’t go up, just go past the stairs and there you’ll see the restaurant, tucked in a corner.


Chef at work.

Don’t you feel that it’s always a feast to the eyes when the chef plays around withe the spatula, the oil, and the sprinkles of salt. It’s such a pleasure to be seating right in front witnessing it (although you will have to put up with the smell of it all at the end of the day).

Fried Garlic Rice :: $3.80++

Fried Garlic Rice ($3.80++) :: The smell definitely aroused the senses, but the taste didn’t match quite up there. It was forgettable and only average.

Kurobita Pork Belly :: $23++ | Black Pepper NZ Fillet Steak :: $30++

Kurobita Pork Belly ($23++) :: Pork Belly, yummmyyy. Love its tender meat, and well, I don’t know about you, but Pork Belly, rarely, goes wrong. Everything can be said to be fine except that its portion is disturbingly disappointing. Which goes likewise for the next course.

Black Pepper NZ Fillet Steak ($30++) :: Maybe it’s because we shared the courses we ordered between a couple of people, but still, that would have to add up to equal if we ordered a 1:1 ratio of main courses. But still it didn’t fill our stomachs much. Quantity aside, I thought the quality was up to standard for this meat here too. It’s chopped into cubes for us – easy bite size, and tasty.

Beancurd :: $4++

Beancurd ($4++) :: I tell you, this, coupled with the soy sauce, is WIN. The beancurd itself doesn’t come with much taste to it, but with a little company with the aforementioned, it brings out the personality in the beancurd, if I may. Worth giving this a try, as ordinary as it may be.

Service is above average though not excellent. And that applies to the ambience of the restaurant too. It’s probably the view and the location that makes the restaurant somewhere worth going to at least once. The quality is there, but not the quantity. Matched with the super steep prices, it’s not somewhere I’d be back anytime soon, at least.

Choices of Desserts.

Oh yes, they have a complimentary dessert for each guests too. You get to choose between Mango Pudding, Sago Honeydew, Chin Chow, Almond Beancurd, and Green Tea / Strawberry / Vanilla / Chocolate Ice Cream. We went for the Sago Honeydew. Well, it’s not too bad, although nothing much to highlight.

Sashimi (Mini Size) [$15++]
Sake (Salmon) Sashimi [$25++]
Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi [$25++]
Sashimi Moriawase (Assorted Raw Fish) [$32++]

Scallop [$25++]
Cuttlefish [$17++]
King Prawn [$28++]
Salmon Special [$22++]
Unagi Kabayaki [$20++]
N.Z Sirloin Steak [$26++]
Soft Crab with Egg [$10++]
Kurobita Pork Belly [$23++]
Pork Loin / Chicken [$16++]
Venison (Deer Meat) [$20++]
Duck Liver (Foie Gras) [$20++]
Salmon (Fried or Sauce) [$20++]
Hilltop N.Z Special Steak [$30++]
Air Flown N.Z Fillet Steak [$30++]
Teriyaki Chicken / Pork Miso [$18++]
Black Pepper N.Z. Fillet Steak [$30++]
Sukiyaki Beef (Aust.) / Chicken [$18++]

Beancurd [$4++]
Kake Udon [$6++]
Tekka Maki [$6++]
Futo Maki [$10++]
Baby Kai Lan [$8++]
Miso Soup [$2.20++]
California Maki [$8++]
Steamed Rice [$1.80++]
Fresh Asparagus [$8++]
Yaki Udon (Beef) [$8++]
Fresh Mushroom [$6++]
Fried Garlic Rice [$3.80++]
Nigiri Sushi (4 pieces) [$12++]
Nigiri Sushi (8 pieces) [$20++]
California Temaki (Hand Roll) [$5++]
Maki – Oshinko / Nori / Kappa [$4++]
Fried Olive Rice with Chicken [$3.80++]

Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Jurong Bird Park
Telephone: 6266 3522
Photos by Kathleen.

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