Kinou: Tartare, Cocktail Bar, Ceviche, and A Secret Getaway

Benjamin Tilatti, the chef-restaurateur of Kinou, contributed to the vibrant life along Tras Street with the opening of this multi-concept space, comprising restaurant-bar on the ground floor, a meeting space and a members' lounge on the upper floor. From the get-up to the naming convention on the menu, it bears no trouble for one to … Continue reading Kinou: Tartare, Cocktail Bar, Ceviche, and A Secret Getaway

Bar-Roque Grill – Celebrates French’s National Day (13 Days of Classic French Dishes).

There are two special celebratory occasions in July for Bar-Roque Grill. On the 14th, the French restaurant will be celebrating French's National Day, Bastille Day. And in July itself, the establishment will be celebrating its first year anniversary. It's Happy Birthday, France, and Happy Birthday, Bar-Roque at the same time! *Blows off two candles* In … Continue reading Bar-Roque Grill – Celebrates French’s National Day (13 Days of Classic French Dishes).

Pasta Brava.

Though very much an Italian Restaurant, Pasta Brava is adorned with Straits Chinese decorations and souvenirs, collected and kept by Rolando Luceri, a former Hotelier who has some 40 years of F&B experience, and his brother's self-painted pieces of art. It can be quite a spot for a date, what with the bold yet elegant … Continue reading Pasta Brava.

Department of Caffeine.

While this Department specializing in Brunch, also known as the Department of Caffeine, takes reservation, I was not as fortunate. I attempted the calls periodically as I know how it can be an ass waiting in line for a brunch spot, no less a popular recent addition to the busy Duxton area. However, not only … Continue reading Department of Caffeine.

Pho Stop.

A stop for Vietnamese cuisine, which would otherwise be quite hidden if not for the loyal crowd from the working adults around the area at Tanjong Pagar. Pho Stop, as the name suggests, specializes in Pho (pronounced as 'fuh'). Pho, a Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup, is commonly seen served with beef and chicken. In this … Continue reading Pho Stop.

La Cicala Spanish Gastro Bar – Launches Hardys Wine.

People say, passion is everything. In the below summarized story, it is evident. Being the fifth generation descendent of the Hardys Family, William Hardy has displayed the same quality and knack for wine-making as his great-great grandfather, Thomas Hardy, the person of it all. The hard work and training as a Trainee Winemaker some 40 … Continue reading La Cicala Spanish Gastro Bar – Launches Hardys Wine.

MEXOUT Singapore.

If your impression of mouth-watering Mexican food is that of Burritos and Tacos topped with over-flowing goodness, you probably need to check MEXOUT, out. MEXOUT prides itself as one of the very, very few Mexican food bistros in Singapore. And to add to that, it is one which serves good Mexican food at very reasonable … Continue reading MEXOUT Singapore.

Kki Sweets.

If you keep your attention to your right while walking down Ann Siang Hill leading up to Club Street (it proves to be a challenge, what with some many interesting cafes, restaurants and shops alongside the narrow roads), you will spot Kki Sweets (which means cakes in Japanese), peacefully tucked away in this aesthetically pleasing … Continue reading Kki Sweets.

The Clan Restaurant.

No it hasn't got anything to do with gangs, but more of yes, close-knit and interrelated families. If there's anything interrelation with families, I say it has got to do with the top-notch service and food family. Suiting the former description of the 'Clan', it has a very sleek design to its restaurant, with dim … Continue reading The Clan Restaurant.