Kinou: Tartare, Cocktail Bar, Ceviche, and A Secret Getaway

Benjamin Tilatti, the chef-restaurateur of Kinou, contributed to the vibrant life along Tras Street with the opening of this multi-concept space, comprising restaurant-bar on the ground floor, a meeting space and a members' lounge on the upper floor. From the get-up to the naming convention on the menu, it bears no trouble for one to … Continue reading Kinou: Tartare, Cocktail Bar, Ceviche, and A Secret Getaway

Pasta Brava.

Though very much an Italian Restaurant, Pasta Brava is adorned with Straits Chinese decorations and souvenirs, collected and kept by Rolando Luceri, a former Hotelier who has some 40 years of F&B experience, and his brother's self-painted pieces of art. It can be quite a spot for a date, what with the bold yet elegant … Continue reading Pasta Brava.

Department of Caffeine.

While this Department specializing in Brunch, also known as the Department of Caffeine, takes reservation, I was not as fortunate. I attempted the calls periodically as I know how it can be an ass waiting in line for a brunch spot, no less a popular recent addition to the busy Duxton area. However, not only … Continue reading Department of Caffeine.

Pho Stop.

A stop for Vietnamese cuisine, which would otherwise be quite hidden if not for the loyal crowd from the working adults around the area at Tanjong Pagar. Pho Stop, as the name suggests, specializes in Pho (pronounced as 'fuh'). Pho, a Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup, is commonly seen served with beef and chicken. In this … Continue reading Pho Stop.

Otto Locanda.

Otto Locanda is this, fanciful and posh Italian Restaurant at Maxwell Chambers (right outside of the Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit, that I had walked past years ago, thinking to myself, when will I ever come to dine at this restaurant. Because it looks so good on the outside, and on the inside as well, upon … Continue reading Otto Locanda.