zChocolat: Christmas 2017

Crimson box with glossy seasonal embellishment.

zChocolat, a reputable line of gourmet chocolates, has been manufacturing boxes of sweet treats with all-natural high quality ingredients and impeccable flavours since 1999. Over the years, my experience with zChocolat (eg this and this) has been nothing short of satisfaction. With the delivery taking merely 2-4 business days to reach Asia directly from France, it is a (last minute) gift that promises to pamper this festive season.

Christmas zBox 22 Truffles :: $79.58

Photographed above is one such Christmas Chocolate available from zChocolat this year. The Criollo cocoa powder, mesmerisingly dusted on the smooth dark chocolate exterior, lends the truffles a bitter first contact, but is quickly counterpoised with the creamy and mildly sweet Madagascar chocolate littered with Piedmont hazelnuts. The effect is a well-balanced pop of truffle chocolate in respect of both sweetness and texture.

What makes it an even better gift option is the ability to customise your order, including but not limited to replacing the zChocolat logo with an image on the box, engraving words on the side of the packaging (eg the recipient’s name, or a special date), and attaching a mahogany wooden accessory to the drawstring of the gift pouch.

It’s not just a gift, but a gift for your intended recipient. I highly recommend.

Photos by Kathleen.
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