LeVel33: Craft Beer-Inspired Dining Menu, Featuring The Best Kangaroo Meat


LeVel33 – World’s Highest Urban Craft-Brewery

When LeVel33 prides itself as the epitome of urban penthouse dining, I am minded to agree with them. I was charmed by the vibe from the very first time I stepped into the restaurant; copper brew house kettles set against the backdrop of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay and city skyline makes for a perfectly conducive atmosphere to chill and drink with your mates, or wind down after a long day after work.

This refreshed menu that started serving at LeVel33 in September was borne out of their passion for craftmanship and respect for the art of brewing. It is only apt that the dishes are exclusively inspired by craft beers and formulated to complement craft beers. Beer aficionado and enthusiast alike will be pleased to know that their each dish comes with a recommended type of beer to pair with. Not being one who drinks much, I will stop here and not pretend to know anything more than that. Gluten-free diners will similarly be delighted to know that the kitchen is well-prepared to serve you with gluten-free versions of any of the items on the menu.

I must admit, the meal did not start off looking like the rest of the night would be impressive. For one, I did not like the Hokkaido Scallop ($27++) that comes with green dashi, blood orange caviar and bonito flakes, mostly because it was lightly poached rather than pan-seared. I believe pan-seared scallop gives a firmer and springier texture, and in my opinion, also brings out the sweetness more distinctly. Lightly poached, on the other hand, results in a lighter touch to the starter, which was the aim of the Chef. If you have the same preference as me, then you would want to miss this.

The “light” starters theme continues to be evident in its Japanese Deep-Sea Crab ($28++), which also comes lightly poached; but this I take no issue with. I do like my crabs to be served without much intervention, for its freshness and natural sweetness can be better tasted. It is undoubtedly an innovative dish – its pairing with corn, the corn in many variations including charred corn, popped corn, and corn cannelloni molded into shape using a brewing tube. The variety of textures is as vibrant and diverse as the types of corn. Interesting as it may be, I do not find it value for money.

Kangaroo Loin :: $37++

Truffled Kumara :: $28++

Then came the main courses, when my perspective of the night took a sharp turn. First up, the Kangaroo Loin ($37++), that was first sous-vide then char-grilled, emanated a slightly smoky flavour and retained a texture that was unbelievably perfect for a red meat such as this. Make a cut through the fork-tender meat and you will see, from the cross-section, that the middle layer bears a gorgeous pink hue. Take a bite and you will taste an amazing texture – first through a usual piece of grilled meat, then the chewiness consistency when you reach the medium-rare core. Forget about the beetroot accompaniments, the complementary texture alone was already an orgasmic gastronomical experience I highly encourage readers to try. For those who have yet to try Kangaroo meat, in my opinion, it is rather reminiscent of a beef steak. I must forewarn that this is so good it will spoil all your subsequent Kangaroo meat escapades.

A vegetarian main that we tried, the Truffled Kumara ($28++), did not fare too badly either. Stacked atop a generous bed of black truffle (hidden in the photograph) is a trio of Kumara sweet potatoes, trumpet mushrooms, and sake-fermented leek. It is not the most substantial, and I don’t feel like the marriage of flavours was the most ideal, but I like how they are individually.

French Sirloin :: $135++

I suggest passing up on this 8-week dry-aged French Sirloin ($135++) that is for sharing. It being sirloin, the texture is quite tough and the cut rather thick. I thought the dry aging process would tenderise the meat and make it more flavourful, but unfortunately it was not any of that to me and it was not impressive.

Cereal :: $13.50++

Strawberry :: $15++

End your dinner with Cereal ($13.50++), a cute little delectable jar of blended macadamia, beer malt praline, spiced dried apricot, creamy almond milk mousse, and a dollop of zesty lemon curd to spice things up. It promises to be party in your mouth with the crunchiness, the agreeable creaminess of the mousse, the sweetness and the sourness; it was satisfaction at the end of it all. Strawberry ($15++) in various forms and topped with sorrel ice cream paled in comparison to its counterpart, and was forgettable.

Since the meal, I have been fervently recommending foodies around me to try LeVeL33’s remarkable Kangaroo Loin. It’s a plus if you are a beer person. Head up to this place just once, and you will see what I mean when I say this place is mesmerising.

What’s worth ordering:
Kangaroo Loin
Truffled Kumara

Address: 8 Marina Boulevard, #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981
Contact: +65 6834 3133 (reservations accepted)
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 12am (Mon – Thurs); 11.30am – 2am (Fri – Sat); 12pm – 12am (Sun); operational hours will extend to 2am on eve of PHs, and only begin at 12pm on PHs.
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