Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore: May is for Mango

Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore

We must have been to Axis Bar & Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore for its afternoon tea no less than ten times in total – partly as media and partly on our own. As much as we love discovering new establishments, we find ourselves more reluctant to venture out when it comes to the afternoon tea scene, and there are a few simple explanations for that: live pianist, panoramic view of the Marina Bay, and the fact that it’s a set menu rather than buffet (based on the opinion that the former is usually of higher quality; of course, this dichotomy could at times be false).

That its themed menu changes on a monthly basis (note: it’s not even rotational) is, we’d say, the main contributor to the list. It makes returning (indeed for ten times) not repetitive; each time a refreshing experience. This month, the menu gives “refreshing” another meaning with its Mango theme.

Pineapple & Mango Jelly with Coconut Emulsion

Savoury Platters

Scones & Pies

Three-tiered Dessert Stand

Axis Bar starts off by leaving you spoilt for choice with its extensive list of TWG tea. The first of five courses is always an appetiser of sort, and this month is no different with its Pineapple and Mango Jelly with Coconut Emulsion. It is promptly followed by savoury platters, highlights of which include Foie Gras Terrine and Mango Marmalade Tartlet, Lemongrass Marinated Prawn with Chilli Mango Dip, and Marinated Crab and Mango in Mini Baguette. We especially like the invigorating marriage of flavours in these bite-sized delights as they retain the taste of the respective star ingredients while exude a subtle hint of sweetness.

The Scones, baked to semi-crusty exterior and warm delicate interior, are perfumed with mango and served with decadent clotted cream, homemade apricot and strawberry jams. This quintessential afternoon tea quick bread is accompanied by Smoked Ham and Mango Relish Turnover, and Curried Potato, Green Mango and Cilantro Pie.

The last course comprises an array of desserts set on an elegant and alluring three-tiered dessert stand. It holds equally exquisite items like Coconut Mango Sable Tart, Mango Palm Sugar Soufflé Roll, and Lightly-whipped Pistachio Ganache.

Marina Bay Skyline

We had often underestimated how filling the afternoon tea could be, especially when we had our pot of tea refilled. We like it this way because the more filling it is, the more value-for-money (#cheapobuttrue). Regardless, it is one of the more affordable hotel afternoon tea these days, and we greatly appreciate that fact. It sets a couple back $80++, and a singleton $42++. We’d gladly return to Axis Bar for its subsequent themes in a heartbeat.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Level 4
Contact: / 6885 3500 (takes reservation)
Opening Hours (for afternoon tea): 3pm – 5pm (Weekdays); 12.30pm – 2.30pm, 3pm – 5pm (Weekends; PH)
Website | Facebook | Instagram


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