25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar: A Hollywood Star

25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar

25 Degrees Burger Menu

Burger No. 1, No. 2, Chocolate Milkshake

Before you think it is one of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or that this burger joint is founded by a Hollywood star, let me put an end to those thoughts and just say that, what we mean was, 25 Degrees Burger & Liquor Bar, a star, a hit, in Los Angeles, USA, has finally reached our hotter-than-25-degrees-climate (actually, they mean the difference in temperate between a raw and well-done hamburger) shores just last month!

We were especially eager when we heard that 25 Degrees Burger is coming to town – more so than awaiting the elusive Santa Claus (the song lies), because five years ago when we were in Los Angeles, we half-jogged ourselves into its original shop right along Hollywood Boulevard, after hearing rave reviews about its stunning burgers. All we can say is, we remember leaving the restaurant not disappointed at all.

25 Degrees Burger :: $14++

Cross-Section of Burger

Fast-forward to five years later, we were sinking our teeth into the same ol’ burger that left us wanting more. Here, in Singapore itself. The burger buns were not dry, and importantly, the juicy, 200g worth of USA Angus beef patty stole the show. Our personal favourite is Burger Number 2 (oh yes, they conveniently name the burgers Number 1 through 5), for its simplicity and “classicity”, stacking on top of each other the beef patty, roasted tomato, burrata cheese, crispy prosciutto with pesto. If the pungent blue cheese is your thing, Number 1 might do the trick; or if you are in a seafood, rather than meat, mood, Number 4, with its seared yellowfin tuna, might just please you.

Sonoran Hotdog :: $18++

The Happy Hour happens from 3-7pm daily. We have yet to mention, but its Truffle Fries ($6), was utterly satisfying, thanks to the fact that the fries were evenly-tossed with a generous amount of truffle oil (please do not start to stinge on it), and that the fries are shoestring fries – the very type of fries that best brings out the flavour, in our humble opinion. So, Happy Hour here means 1-for-1 on certain sides (unfortunately truffle fries not included), beer, and cocktails. Make no mistake, we are fans of truffle oil, despite criticisms of its artificial taste. Artificial as may be, it is a flavour just as much.

Fruits & Walnut Waffles :: $13++

Warm Melt Chocolate Cake :: $14++

We regret to say that desserts are not their strong suit. We had failed to be impressed by either the Fruits & Walnut Waffles ($13++) or the Warm Melt Chocolate Cake ($14++), as we find the former too crispy so as to be insubstantial, and the latter too ordinary and pricey at the same time, psychologically at least, due to fact that it costs the same as the burger (and also that it is not molten lava chocolate cake, notwithstanding the language “warm melt”).

25 Degrees Burger Lunch Set :: $18++

If you work around the area, or if you are a self-employed, a student, or just lazing around really, you will be happy to note that they dish out a lunch deal on weekdays, 11am-3pm. This Lunch Set ($18++) is without a doubt value-for-money, as it comprises a signature burger of your choice, fries, and half a pint of beer or soda. That in themselves would have set you back some $31 (that is, if you opt for the beer because you are fortunate enough to not have the Asian flush, and have some mint to pop in your mouth before heading back to work).

Were we left as satisfied as when we were in LA? Honestly, considering that it was half a decade ago, we cannot remember the taste itself. But we do think that the burgers and sides here are priced reasonably, and they come up to be worth the money – that’s what matters.

What’s Worth Ordering:
Any of the Signature Burgers
Truffle Fries
Lunch Set

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: Hotel G, 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980
Telephone: 6809 7990
Opening Hours: 11am – 1am (Mon – Thurs); 11am – 2am (Fri – Sat); 11am – 9pm (Sunday)
Website | Facebook | Instagram


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