Bakestarters: Monthly Delivery of Premium Baking Kit.


Some, if not many, of us, have a baking oven at home, sitting pretty but left untouched for the longest time. I am guilty as charged, mainly because I am lazy to look up recipes to try, and also lazy to head out to buy the necessary ingredients. A local start-up, Bakestarters saw and exploited that gap by offering a delivery service for premium baking kits – that is, ingredients (save for some exceptions, like in our case, we used our own eggs – you will be notified of the ingredient(s) needed in addition to the kit in an email beforehand), disposable trays (or containers in general), and recipe, all meticulously assembled and sent to your doorstep (note that because ingredients are fresh and perishable, someone needs to receive the delivery at the door).

How much is the subscription?
$36/month. For your first kit, use the code “SUBSCRIBE15” to get a 15% off!

What can I subscribe to?
The premium baking kit. You can either subscribe to an auto-renewed plan, or a 3-month gift plan (which is intended to be for a friend, which you will be charged but will stop after 3 months). This is different to their baking kits, which are basic, fixed baking kits. The premium baking kits contains an element of surprise; kind of like a baking kit, omakase style.

How long do I have to subscribe for?
The very good thing about this is, there is no minimum time commitment! That means, you can have the kit sent to you just for a month; thereafter, you can either stop it completely, or skip a month (which may be the case if you are busy for the month – it will resume the month after). Cancellation/Skipping of the subscription can be done within seconds in your account page, with no fees incurred – just remember to cancel/skip it before the 12th of a month!

When is the delivery?
Delivery is usually in the third week of the month, either on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Do I need any of my own equipment?
Yes, the recommended equipment will be sent to you in the form of an email.

How easy is the baking process?
Whilst our kit was the basic one and not the probably slightly more complex premium baking kit, it was still a pretty easy process. Like in the words of Kathleen, it is like a “Potions class made easy”. Of course, you can tell how much of a Harry Potter fan she is.

Other good points about this?
We find that it is a fun family activity. Alternatively, it is a great way to bring something to a potluck party. Plus, we get to keep the cute little glass bottles that store, for example (see above), the oil and buttermilk.

One problem we find during the process is that at times, as beginners, we were unsure as to how a certain intermediate product should look like. For example, how long should we whisk something; or, how long should we knead something. We have given our opinion to Bakestarters to possibly include pictures of the process as far as possible in each delivery kit, which should help ease any worries of novice bakers. [Edit: We have been informed that the subscription baking kit will come with guidance videos/photos. As for the basic baking kits, the team is currently working on putting up videos/photos for all of the recipes; as of now, two of them already have them.]

Note: The kit we received was a basic baking kit (the Christmas Cranberry-Orange Drizzle Loaf Cake), and not the subscription premium baking kit. Hence, you can expect something more elaborate, or as the name suggests, more premium (which in turns almost certainly means more satisfying).

Photos by Kathleen.


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