Mushi Mushi: White-Collar Workers Turned Chawanmushi Kiosk Owners.

To basically ditch your University Degree certificates and start a business is not the most conventional route in life, especially rather soon after graduation. Some would say it is a waste, but I think it’s daring and commendable if you are following your dream. This is exactly what the two owners, Liang Qi and Yiyong, of 6-month old Mushi Mushi, a Chawanmushi-oriented shop at International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar, have done.

Mushi Mushi @ International Plaza.

Mushi Mushi @ International Plaza.

All Chawanmushi are created with their unique recipe, prepared daily in-house from specially-brewed Dashi stock made from Bonito flakes and Kombu, unlike some restaurants who make use of pre-made powered stock. Mushi Mushi also assures that they do not add any MSG / powder flavouring.

Chawanmushi :: $2.90 onwards

Chawanmushi :: $2.90 onwards

Chawanmushi ($2.90 onwards) :: When I first saw the price list, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the pricing is competitive; a Chawanmushi could easily cost more than this in a restaurant. Further, the size of the Chawanmushi here is generally 20% – 30% bigger than what you get outside. The texture of each cup of Chawanmushi is unmistakably smooth and silky, and I especially like the Kani (Crab) flavoured one ($4.50). As seats are limited and not the most conducive environment for a sit-down chit-chat session, takeaways are most ideal. It naturally makes sense that the target audience is the working adults in the vicinity.

Onigiri :: $1.90 onwards

Onigiri :: $1.90 onwards

Therefore, breakfasts are most popular. Lined up against the other kiosks on the ground level of International Plaza (facing the MRT), whose breakfast game is strong, Mushi Mushi came up with an unbeatable (in my opinion) breakfast deal – that is, Hot Yuzu Tea + Classic Chawanmushi just for $2.50! The usual price for the classic one is already $2.90, what more with a drink for this offer. I used to work at Tanjong Pagar. If I was still there, I can see a treat to myself with an eggy, warm and comforting breakfast at Mushi Mushi once a week or so.

Mushi Mushi Delivery.

Mushi Mushi Delivery.

Demand for a fuller and more wholesome meal is also on the rise. Set meals comprising Onigiri + Chawanmushi are available to meet the demands of hungry working adults in search of a more filling lunch.

There is free delivery with a minimum order of $30 within walking distance of International Plaza. A delivery charge of $10 will be imposed for orders below $30. Orders should be placed at least 30 minutes in advance for sufficient preparation time.

There are also combos that are very value-for-money (damn, if I had known this earlier I would have done this with my colleagues). For instance, a Mushi Department Combo for 10 persons ($41.50) would give each person 1 Chawanmushi, 1 Onigiri, and 1 Drink. For $4.15 per pax, I think it’s value-for-money (in the comfort of your office since it’s free delivery).

To order, simply get hold of the hard copy delivery menu from their shop, fill it up, and WhatsApp the filled copy to the number provided below.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #01-09, Singapore 079903
Telephone: 9117 2787
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 7.30pm (Mon – Fri); 9am – 2pm (Sat); Closed on Sundays
This was a media session.


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