zChocolat – Perfect Valentine’s Day Chocolates.



zChocolat has always been my to-go chocolates. They are reliable and of top-notch quality I have no qualms recommending them to anyone who is looking for chocolates as a gift. This Valentine’s Day, no different from preceding years, they have come up with something special for your better half. For the full range of products, find them here. I am impressed, and so was my colleague. I brought the chocolates to the office and she tried one. Subsequently, she ordered a box for her boyfriend in the USA. She remarked that the service was excellent and the couple loved it. If you are able to spare some cash for chocolates, this will not go wrong. Do look at my previous posts here and here, on how speedy (2-3 days) and safe their delivery (delivery to Singapore is about an additional $23) is, worldwide, amongst other things.

Intricate Details.

zChocolat – Customisable Chocolate Gift.

And what makes zChocolat perfect as a gift is the ability for you to customise it. I mean, sure it comes with extra costs, some of it may just be worth it to make the gift even more meaningful. For instance, at $27.59 (inclusive), you are able to upload your own photo and have it put on the brass plate in the lid (look at two photos down – replacing the logo). Or at the same price, you can have an engraving at the side of the box. This Valentine’s Day, at $36.79 (inclusive), a heart-shaped padlock can be added on to finish off the gift, with your choice of a 4-digit combination, be it your anniversary, some special numbers between your two lovebirds or the like. There are more fun customisable actions that can be done when you are selecting your gift.

zChocolat Valentine's Day Special :: $147.21 (including taxes)

zChocolat Valentine’s Day Sapphire Box :: $147.21 (including taxes)

The mahogany box encasing the chocolates is the prettiest chocolate gift box ever. It exudes the elegance and fine quality of the entire package. zChocolat has chosen the material just for that purpose, and especially mahogany for its tight grain and beautiful red undertones. I have a couple of these boxes, and I have decided to keep them just because they look so pretty and precious.

Special heart-shaped chocolates.

Special heart-shaped chocolates.

This box houses 12 heart-shaped chocolates for this heart-shaped occasion. There are four different flavours:
Toquade – the black and white, dark ganache in a white exterior
Supreme – creamy milk chocolate hazelnut praline
Amore – ganache-infused bergamote in a red exterior
Mystique – vanilla bourbon caramel under dark shells
It is well-thought – a good mix of chocolates for different moods.

Photos by Kathleen.
This was a media tasting product.


2 thoughts on “zChocolat – Perfect Valentine’s Day Chocolates.

  1. Hi~
    I read your blof review on this product and at the same time I read other reviews said that they have poor service such as late delivery and extra charge. Just wondering whether you are 100% satisfied with their service? Because I’m going to have a special event soon and want to order from them. It would be great if you can reply.

    • Hey there Amy! Their charges should all be listed on the page where you choose their additional services.

      And late delivery should not happen (http://www.zchocolat.com/shipping-rates-policies/), weekends and PHs are to be taken into consideration as they do not deliver on those days.

      Also I am rather sure that if your delivery does happen to come late for whatever reason, you are able to refund it (http://www.zchocolat.com/100-satisfaction-guarantee/).

      I personally have not ordered directly from them, but I have a friend who did after trying their chocolates. She absolutely loved it and she ordered it through the normal process. She said the service was great. She ordered in Singapore to deliver to USA.

      I hope that helps! No, I’m not paid for this, but I have quite some faith in their services. I hope that you will experience the same as my friend and me!

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