Naiise – A Christmas Pop-up Store.

'Design for everyone, for everyday'.

‘Design for everyone, for everyday’.

Design for everyone, for everyday.”

That is the maxim the team at Naiise believes in. Naiise is a carefully curated destination for original and well-designed products, striving to make design accessible. Slowly but steadily, they are evolving into a platform for designers from both local and overseas to promote and showcase their works to a larger audience.

Naiise Christmas Pop-up Store.

Naiise Christmas Pop-up Store.

As part of that initiative, they have since established pop-up stores around the island and their latest effort; “A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up Store” is at 72/74 Dunlop Street, from now until 24 December 2014.

L1 - Food.

L1 – Food Products.

L1 - Dining Area.

L1 – Dining Area.

L1 - F&B Menu.

L1 – F&B Menu.

L1 - Local Products.

L1 – Local Products.

A duplex space, level one mainly serves as an area for food-related products like coffee and tea (eg. Clipper Tea), juices, smoothies and jams, complete with a cosy dining area. There is even one section dedicated to everything made in Singapore, including home deco, artisan food and gift ideas T-shirts with Singaporean lingos like ‘eh sia la‘, ‘no la where got‘ and our favourite, ‘knnbccb‘. Okay, of course we kid about the ‘favourite’ part. They even have the kan cheong spider series featuring watches, t-shirts and notebooks. Definitely uniquely Singapore. More of those here.

Daniel Wellington Watch.

Daniel Wellington Watches.

Level two is home to fashion and furniture. Naiise carries furniture designed by contemporary designers that highlights simplicity and functionality – suitable for home and office. Fans of Scandinavian designs be warned! You may end up like myself, breaking a few of my piggy banks after browsing through the catalogue. They also carry Bellroy wallets and Daniel Wellington watches. I am just glad I have more than one piggy bank.

Weekly Workshop Space.

Weekly Workshop Space.

Venture further in and at the end of the room you’ll come into a space specially set up for workshop activities to engage the community during this festive season.

They are also currently running 12 Days of Christmas Deals where they feature special deals daily. Follow their Facebook page and their website to keep up with their latest deals and workshops.

Now if you would excuse me, I am off to breaking thechosenglutton’s piggy banks.

Words & Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 72/74 Dunlop Street
Opening Hours: Daily 12-7pm


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