Why I Find SingTel’s Easy Mobile Plan Attractive.

In the months of trialling SingTel’s Easy Mobile plan, I genuinely found great pleasure in it. For the risk of stating the obvious, the plan is primarily one of flexibility, control and convenience, thanks to its ‘tweaking’ function, where you can switch up how much of you want for your mobile data, SMS/MMS and calls respectively every month (of course, within a limit, depending on the size of plan you sign up for – for the specifics, look here). This very possibly eliminates the chance of you over-using any of the functions and having to pay for the extra usage.

4GB of Mobile Data.

4GB of Mobile Data.

Speaking from experience, I verily believe that most, if not all of us, over-use on our mobile data. With the universal down-sizing from 12GB to 2GB, we find ourselves struggling to keep to the limit. And from my understanding, the most basic plan costs somewhere around the mark of $40 these days. If you have looked at the specifics linked above, you would know that with the Singtel Easy Mobile plan, you can get a maximum of 4GB of data plan (compromising on your SMS – which is rarely used nowadays, and phone call), at just $45 (M-sized plan). This essentially means that you can get an additional 2GB of mobile data at just $5. This, for me, is the biggest catch!

So well, personally, tweaking isn’t much of a need for me. This is unless I need to balance between phone calls and mobile data when I am in a ‘big business’ (well, my mum always says ‘doing big business?’ when we are busily engaged on the phone) where I need to make a lot of phone calls. Notwithstanding, as aforementioned, I still find the SingTel Easy Mobile plan hugely attractive.

Find out more about the plan here.
Discover more about the plan visually on Youtube.


One thought on “Why I Find SingTel’s Easy Mobile Plan Attractive.

  1. Not really a good plan because it would not allow 019 to call overseas means whoever using majority of time calling overseas dont really get a benefit. It also would not allow any corporate discounts (min 10%), So if any subscriber currently using any one of these services stand to lose only !

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