Win Singtel 2-Year Easy Mobile Plan Worth $1,560!

Following my previous post on Singtel’s launch of the oh-so-flexible Easy Mobile Plan, I am back once again to share with you the possibility of winning this very plan for 2 years.

Life is boring when it is mundane. But with technology today, sharing takes place at an exponential rate, giving life more changes and excitement. These days, we constantly look at how we can improve things, complete tasks quicker, and essentially, be more efficient. Now, even Singtel has taken up that assistance role and is now encouraging Singaporeans to well, Tweak their lives, in their term. They lead by offering their Easy Mobile Plan; a plan that allows you to tweak your mobile plan to suit your data, calls and SMS/MMS usage, so that at the end of the day, you don’t, for example, pay additional charges for over-usage of data.

Tweakboard is an initiative launched in tandem with the plan. The concept is simple – think Lifehack. Divided into Technology, Food, and Lifestyle, all you have to do is to post a Lifehack, also known as Tweak in any of the 3 categories. At the end of September 2014, the most popular tweak in each category will win the coveted 2-Year Easy Mobile Plan (L-size).

Easy Mobile Plan (L-size).

Easy Mobile Plan (L-size).

So get down to posting up your Tweak on the Tweakboard. Share your Tweak with your friends thereafter to get their votes. Every vote counts towards you getting a chance at some 7GB data every month for the next 2 years! Since 12GB was gone, more-than-2GB-data has been something I’ve always wanted!

Harry Potter Butterbeer.

Harry Potter Butterbeer.

If you don’t already know the recipe to Harry Potter’s Butterbeer that you can get at a Starbucks outlet locally, check out my latest Tweak! I’ve tried it, though well, it isn’t exactly the same as the one I’ve had at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s still fun!


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