Singtel – Launches Easy Mobile Plan & Tweakboard.

Current PlansMy personal line is tied to the ‘Lite’ plan.

At $40:
100 mins talk time
500 SMS / MMS
2GB data

I am a heavy data user, mostly sucked dry by Spotify and Instagram. 2GB has always been a challenge for me. There was a month where it was so tight it was 1.99GB used. I was lucky enough to not pay any extra. The next month, however, I pushed my luck again and used 2.01GB. I had to pay an additional $10.35 for that!

With the newly-launched Singtel Easy Mobile Plan, the individual aspects of the mobile plan can be tweaked and changed to suit your lifestyle every month. It is the first ever, customisable postpaid mobile plan in Singapore.


I was certainly in control. Granted, the price may be fixed, but I found it rather useful, the ability to tweak and control the amount of SMS / talktime / mobile data. Planning ahead – if I were to tweak it this month, the changes will take place the month after.



In all honesty, unless you don’t really use your phone much except for maybe some calls / whatsapp, the ‘S’ model may be insufficient. I thought the ‘M’ model is much more price-friendly; value-for-money. The plans these days already costs somewhere near to that range, and you only have 2GB data. I don’t know about you, but with the constant usage of Instagram especially, 2GB is barely enough. For $45, I know I will tweak it to as shown in the picture – maximum data, minimum SMS and talktime (minimum of 1 unit needs to be allocated).


This quality is the nature of the plan.

1 unit = 500 SMS / MMS
1 unit = 50 mins talktime
1 unit = 0.5GB data
All plans come with free incoming calls.

Fun fact! 0.5GB data can stream you 50 5-minute videos!


Not only is it the first customisable mobile plan in Singapore, Singtel has noted the need to make things easily navigational and convenient. At any point, you can either go onto or My Singtel App to tweak the plan for your subsequent month’s consumption. It also shows your current month’s usage and any outstanding bill, if any.


In conjunction with the inaugural launch, an online Tweakboard will also be live on 13 August 2014. This online platform allows internet users to view and share their daily Tweaks (think Lifehack, in the local context). Tweaks can be shared in the Technology category, as well as Food, and Lifestyle. Best of all, the Tweaks can be shared in the form of Instagram, Tweet or Video!

Submit your Tweak to stand a chance at winning the monthly prize (one per category). The winner of each category will walk away with a 2-year L-sized Easy Mobile plan. That’s some 5GB of data every month, if you tweak the plan as such! Visit the link here to check out my first Tweak / lifehack! Especially if you are a kopitiam-goer who drinks coffee / tea in the morning like an uncle (well I am!).

Singtel Easy Mobile.

Singtel Easy Mobile.

More to come. I will be trying out this Singtel Easy Mobile plan for the subsequent weeks to come. So far, it has treated me well – absolutely loving the high data allowance at a low-price. I will be reviewing the plan as time goes by.


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