Save, Eat, Review With PickatSG V2.

Being a hardcore foodie, I search high and low for (reliable reviews on) cafes and restaurants to check out. One thing though, I get lazy browsing the Internet, and there are hardly any compiled lists especially when I have a specific category to look into; I don’t know if you face the same problem.

I have always been on PickatSG, this phone app revolving around food. Earlier this month, they did an update of the App, now a V2.

PickatSG V2 Interface.

PickatSG V2 Interface.

I was grinning when I saw the new interface – much sleeker, nicer font, neater, and more professional. I don’t know, but I am those kind of person who cannot take ‘comic sans’, funny fonts, or big fonts. There are a few new functions which makes picking on places more entertaining and easier.



(1) START ANYWHERE: Whether you start by clicking on ‘Check-in’, ‘Photo’ or ‘Review’, you end up the same; properly reviewing an establishment. It’s a beauty on its own. Personally, I love starting off with photos – I cannot do a food review post without photos (which can be annoying because editing of photos takes some time). So by clicking on photos, you pick relevant photos –> check-in a location –> give your ratings and write a review! I love how it’s a very, very step-by-step, idiot-proof way of reviewing a merchant, akin to the user interface of Instagram, if you think about it.



(2) CUTE STICKERS: Recently I have had many friends around me hooked onto LINE, a communication app, largely crediting to its cute emoticons. PICKAT has noted that and kept up with it by making available multiple stickers to accompany your review, or in fact, possibly BE your review.

Compiled Lists.


(3) 5 BEST PLACES (AWESOME 5): On the main page, next to the tab ‘Places’ comes ‘AWESOME5’, one of my favourite new features. It comes in handy especially when it is time again to check out new spots (yes that includes hipster spots, hipster wannabe here). The lists include, but not limited to ‘5 Dessert Gems in Tanjong Pagar’, ‘5 World Cup Hangouts’, and ‘5 Must Try Korean Restaurants’. If you have yet to spot the similarity – yes, these lists only come with 5 locations each, making it short, sweet and precise for browsing.

Global Search Bar.

Global Search Bar.

(4) SEARCH BAR: The search bar has become a global one it’s brilliant. Just key in any keyword, whether to search for a user or a food name, or a restaurant name. For instance if I am craving for macarons, I can simply key in the keyword ‘macarons’ and browse lists and picks to satiate those cravings. Very similar to a blog / email search bar, or even Google.

Summary of Ratings.

Summary of Ratings.

(5) ONE-LOOK RATINGS: Click into any eatery and you will find (a) average ratings by users, including for its ambience, price, service and taste, and (b) full reviews, complete with photos. You can also view the business information like opening hours and location, and make a direct call to the eatery if you would like to make enquiries / make a reservation. All-in-1 page, convenience to a whole new level.



(6) COUPONS / DISCOUNTS: On the main landing page, the listed F&B places means that a promotion is ongoing and a coupon is available for downloading (mostly free for all). Go into each of the cafes / restaurants, click on the ‘Coupons’ segment and download them for free. Go back to your home page side bar to enjoy them.

Merchants include Boss BarBQ, D’ Authentic Nasi Lemak, Owl Cafe, Sawadee Thai Cuisine, Baystreet 21, Teadot, Woobbee, The Lawn, Empire State, The Prata Place, Absolute Juice, The Garden Slug, the Tea Party Cafe and the below two.



Cafe Latte :: $5++

Cafe Latte :: $5+

Eggs Benedict :: $12.50++

Eggs Benedict :: $12.50+

Since the launch, I have tried two of the listed coupons. First stop was at CRAFT Cafe at Holland Village. The coupon provides that there will be a free coffee (latte / cappuccino) with a purchase of selected breakfast items. These items include Eggs Benedict ($12.50+) as pictured above, Eggs Florentine ($15+) and The Whole Nine Yards ($17.50+), basically the whole English Breakfast works.

For a simple, value-for-money brunch, complete with a cuppa’, the PickatSG App is ideal. Essentially, your Eggs Benedict costs less than $10 with the coupon. There are also other items offered by the cafe outside of this promotion, including but not limited to pasta, pizza, sandwiches and desserts like 3 Inch Sin Molten Lava Cake. Promotion ends 22 September 2014.

Address: 24A Lorong Mambong
Telephone: 6467 7710
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (daily)

Cafe Mocha :: $5.80++

Cafe Mocha :: $5.80

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12++

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12

We then adjourned to another nearby cafe, d’ Good Cafe. The PickatSG App coupon states that there will be a 10% discount off all coffee. Taglined ‘Blend & Brew the way you like it’, you can expect some serious coffee business in this double-storey space. Coffee here ranges from ones that are roasted and blended in house, to single origins sourced from around the world, roasted daily at the cafe, to your very own Custom Blend Coffee ($12). They call it the Fourth Wave of Coffee, because here, you get to customise it to your liking.

First, you complete a simple survey on your coffee preferences. Then, coffee cupping will be done to confirm your preferences, before the blending and brewing of a combination of two of more single origins begins. Thereafter, you can also name your own coffee blend and order it on your subsequent visits (or have your friends try your blend too!).

The cafe also serves pasta, all-day breakfast, sandwiches and their famous cheesecakes (they pride themselves as the first ever to offer Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake – I tried it, it was rich, intense and of great texture, love it) . Promotion ends 31 August 2014.

Address: 273 Holland Avenue, #02-01/02
Telephone: 6219 9807 (no reservations)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs); 10am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)

Photos by Kathleen.


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