d’ Good Café.

The Bar (Level 2).

The Bar (Level 2).

The Lawn (Level 2).

The Lawn (Level 2).

d’ Good Café has only been opened since 15 October 2012. Somehow, it felt as if it has been around for much longer than that. Situated in the cluster of F&B establishments at Holland Village, this space is a two-storey one, with a capacity of 95 in total. Interestingly, the cafe is whimsically compartmentalised into four. (1) The Bar, for coffee enthusiasts and beginners alike to have chat with the baristas. (2) The Lawn, to wind down and relax.

The Attic (Level 3).

The Attic (Level 3).

The Balcony (Level 3).

The Balcony (Level 3).

Moving a storey up to (3) The Attic, the mess of tables and chairs where it’s meant to be re-arranged according to the size of your party. It is also a child-friendly space with rocking horses and bean bags. And then there is (4) The Balcony, an alfresco dining area. Don’t say never say – go have fun with the lift – it is futuristic and quite cool. I felt like a kid again. It is free-seating – find a seat, place an order at the bar, and when your buzzer buzz, collect it from the bar. While waiting, you could surf the Internet with their free wifi. No service charge / GST; no complains.

Hot Cafe Mocha :: $5.80++

Hot Cafe Mocha :: $5.80

Since coffee is their strong suit, we took the opportunity to try as many coffees as we could. From the most basic, their Hot Cafe Mocha ($5.80) with beary cute coffee art. It has a rather light to well-balanced body, with light to medium acidity. It is sweet with the addition of chocolate in the drink. But well, at least chocolate can be detected here; had one too many mochas that I couldn’t taste much of the chocolate lately.

Dutch Ice Drip :: $6++ Hot Earl-Lavender Tea Latte :: $7++

Dutch Ice Drip :: $6
Hot Earl-Lavender Tea Latte :: $7

Moving on to other more exotic blends, I had the Hot Earl-Lavender Tea Latte ($7). It really depends on how you like it; I’d preferred for the Earl Grey to be stronger than the Lavender & milk, however, this wasn’t the case. I could barely taste the Earl Grey here. On the other hand, Dutch Ice Drip ($6) was interesting. Served in a wine glass, this drip is served chilled, and possesses an acquired taste of, coffee, but kind of airy after the initial sip, and then flavour sinks in again after the swallow. It has quite a light body. Even though it is not my preference, this glass of acquired taste got my vote to try.

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12++

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12

Custom Blend Coffee ($12) ::Fourth Wave of Coffee‘ is coined here at d’ Good Café. Here,  you get to enjoy a cup of coffee, just the way you like it, and it can very well be unique to you – completely customisable, from the blend to the way you want it be brewed. The 3-step custom blend process starts from (1) completing a short and simply survey on your coffee preference (on acidity, body and flavour), then (2) coffee cupping will be performed for you to smell and taste single origins before (3) the blending and brewing begins! After it is done, your very own cup of coffee will emerge and you can proudly name it. I named mine ‘Edsmond’, narcissistically. Don’t worry if you are not all that familiar to coffee, you will be well-guided!

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12++

Custom Blend Coffee :: $12

I am no coffee-pro, but as far as I could catch it, they keep brewing coffee here at 92 degree celsius to prevent the beans from being burnt. The brewing method matters too. V60 gives you a well-balanced flavour and body. Woodneck gives you more body, while the Aeropress gives more flavour and body (stronger than V60). The Head Barista was sharing that she has played around with making her blend with Aeropress and doing it on the rocks thereafter. Next time I’m there, I’ll try mine that way (as this ‘on the rocks’ method is unconventional, only the Head Barista is able to do it for you). If you are a coffee enthusiast, I think this is really worth it. For $12, you get to customise your blend. Subsequent cups of the same will only cost you $5.50! It’s basically a cup of guaranteed awesomeness blended to your preference, so why not.

Eggs Benedict :: $13.50++

Eggs Benedict :: $13.50

Eggs Benedict ($13.50) :: While the hollandaise sauce is not their strong suit as it was too light for my preference, thanks to its accompanying pieces of streaky bacon + back bacon, it gave much more flavour than let’s say, a ham. If it was ham instead, the course would have been too bland and lackluster. I would much prefer less vinegar to be used too. The egg whites were slightly acidic and flaky. Not exactly the best around.

Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio :: $16++

Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio :: $16

Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio ($16) :: The pasta itself was close enough to al-dente – not too soft, not too hard and not sticky to the teeth. However, despite some stirring, parts of it were still clumpy and slightly dry. The flavours of chilli padi, garlic and olive oil were robust and full, with the fresh sea prawns noticeably so; cooked to good springiness. I wouldn’t mind giving them a second chance and ordering this again on my next visit.

d' Good Triplet Cheesecake :: $ d' Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake :: $

d’ Good Triplet Cheesecake :: $9
d’ Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake :: $9

Cheesecakes are d’ Good Café’s signature desserts, and deservedly so. We had d’ Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake ($9) first. It has a very smooth, cheesecake texture; the whole slice through was firm but melty in the mouth. Like the crumbly base. Flavour wise, it was really good. Maple 75%, sea salt 25%. If you love maple on a usual day, you’d love this. I know I loved it. And then we were told that if we like this, we’d not like d’ Good Triplet Cheesecake ($9) as much. But they were wrong. I loved it just as much, with its three-layered cake of oreo, cheese and chocolate. A plus point – macarons! I am torn as to which cheesecake is better.

What’s worth paying for:
Dutch Ice Drip.
Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio.
d’ Good Triplet Cheesecake.
d’ Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 273 Holland Avenue, #02-01/02
Telephone: 6219 9807 (no reservations)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs); 10am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)
This was a media session.


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