WOOBAR @ W Hotel Singapore – Launches Dilmah Seasonal Flush Teas.

WOOBAR @ W Hotel Singapore.

WOOBAR @ W Hotel Singapore.

Following last year’s successful launch of Dilmah Seasonal Flush teas at W Hotel Singapore, a collaboration between the two is back. During this period, high tea at WOOBAR, W Hotel Singapore will be paired with either of the two exotic Dilmah Season Flush teas. Dubbed W T Time / Drop the T², the glamorous high tea experience at WOOBAR, W Hotel Singapore is available daily from 3pm – 5pm,  priced at only $58++/2persons on weekdays and $68++/2persons at any other days / occasions. Comparatively speaking, it is one of the cheaper luxury hotel high teas in Singapore.

WOOBAR @ W Hotel Singapore.

WOOBAR @ W Hotel Singapore.

One of the sections at WOOBAR is this ceiling-to-ground glass panel, overlooking the pool (where the monthly Endless Summer Pool Party is held), which also means overlooking a chillax ambience and eye candies. A spot excellent to let your afternoon time crawl by.

Seasonal Flush Teas.

Seasonal Flush Teas.

Seasonal Flush teas are teas that marry the beauty of Mother Nature’s temperament with Dilmah’s artisanal and traditional tea manufacturing process. While nature plays a huge part, monitoring is also key. To achieve these rare fine tea, weather patterns of the estate are to be carefully studied while tasting and assessing the tea’s strength, aroma and appearance, before hand-selecting for the limited edition batch.

Craighead Estate Fine Silver Tips & Opata Estate Flower Broken Orange Pekoe 1.

Craighead Estate Fine Silver Tips & Opata Estate Flower Broken Orange Pekoe 1 (FBOP 1).

Personally, and from many who have tried both teas (including my tea-loving colleagues), I prefer the white tea, the Craighead Estate Fine Silver Tips (only 300 tins of 40g harvested). It embodies a fragrant citrus aroma and sweet fruit notes, before sipping and noting the smooth, gentle touch in your mouth. The black tea, Opata Estate (FBOP 1) (only 600 tins of 75g harvested), was conspicuously stronger and heavier, and came across a little too overpowering for me. It possesses a much distinctive smell and taste. Well it depends on how you like your tea – you’re free to try them during your tea time.

If you are an appreciator of tea and would like to have a set of your very own limited edition Season Flush teas by Dilmah, click here to browse.

Matthew Woolford, Director of Culinary, W Singapore.

Matthew Woolford, Director of Culinary, W Singapore.

Directory of Culinary, Chef Matthew Woolford, has, in view of the collaboration, crafted a new high tea menu incorporating and integrating flavours of the limited edition Seasonal Flush teas. Admittedly, some are detectable, while some others not.

W T Time, Drop the T² @ WOOBAR.

W T Time / Drop the T² @ WOOBAR :: $58++/2persons

W T Time / Drop the T² ($58++/2persons) :: The savoury and sweet items come in a bird cage; a presentation spot on to intrigue diners. There were two items that left a good deep impression – the Chocolate Foie Gras Ganache, a pop that is increasingly in the trend due to its good balance of sweet and saltiness, and both ingredients’ combined richness, and the other the Tikka Inspired Salmon, torched, melty with hints of spiciness. I also thought their Assorted Macarons were passable – macaron shells firm with some chewiness to it, ganache fillings could be richer though. The rest of the items were so-so.

Other savoury items include Torched Double Brie, Mantou with Chili Crab, and Twice Cooked Hen’s Egg amongst others, while the sweet items include Almond Whoopie Cookie Sandwich, Chocolate Cupcakes and Fresh Berry Trifle Shot amongst others.

Assorted Crones.

Assorted Crones.

Crones is the name given to the baby of Crossiant and Scone. Love the croissant texture of it, crisp and flaky, complemented with assorted pastry creams including flavours like strawberry and blueberry preserves, marmalade and the hot favourite passion fruit butter.

Is it worth the trip to WOOBAR for their high tea? Yes and no. Their high tea set is significantly cheaper (some $15 – $20 after taxes, when compared to the average 5-star hotel high teas). However, accessibility is not on their side, and the food was average at best, with a couple of outstanding ones. Ambience, I would say it’s alright.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 21 Ocean Way, Level 2, W Hotel Singapore
Telephone: 6808 7258 / woobar.singapore@whotels.com (takes reservations)
Opening Hours: 3pm – 5pm (daily)
This was a media session. Thank you Vibes Comms & W Hotel.


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