MAGNUM’s Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure – Final Installation of Pleasure Store.

The Chosen Glutton has put together a video of the day at MAGNUM’s 25 Years of Pleasure Party. While The Chosen Glutton does not own the audio and music, The Chosen Glutton owns the video and footage. All rights reserved.

Magnum's 25th Anniversary Party Invitation Kit.

MAGNUM’s 25th Anniversary Party Invitation Kit.

The day we received this physical invitation sent to our place of residence, we knew it was going to be a serious affair; we knew MAGNUM’s 25th Anniversary Party is going to be one hell of a lavish and elaborate one.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Magnum!

Happy 25th Anniversary, MAGNUM!

We were also blessed with a whole freezer box of MAGNUM ice cream, comprising the Original, GOLD (caramel) and my favourite of it all, Almond. We took the opportunity to wish MAGNUM a happy birthday, with ‘candles’ made of their own products. Now let me finish them all.

Avalon Singapore.

Avalon Singapore.

Magnum's 25th Anniversary Party @ Avalon Singapore.

MAGNUM’s 25th Anniversary Party @ Avalon Singapore.



Make-Your-MAGNUM :: Party-goers were invited to make our own creations, with some ten toppings available, including almond flakes, chocolate hearts, macadamia nuts and dried cranberry amongst others, to deck my own vanilla MAGNUM waiting to be dipped in the chocolate fountain. So there, we dispensed toppings of our choice, hand it over to the MAGNUM staff and they’ll do the rest.

Largest Chocolate Fountain in Singapore, by MAGNUM.

Largest Chocolate Fountain in Singapore, by MAGNUM.

Largest Chocolate Fountain :: As verified by the Singapore Book of Records, MAGNUM broke the record for Singapore’s largest chocolate fountain, with more than 260kg of MAGNUM chocolate used during this quality chocolate-themed party. If there weren’t any scary bodyguards around, I would have dived right into the fountain (okay kidding, there really weren’t any bodyguards around). This fountain stands at over 1m tall, with 100kg of chocolate flowing through the glasses, and was used as dips for the Make-Your-MAGNUM experience we had. This is currently on display at the MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store at the Customs House Terrace (more details below).

MAGNUM Fashion Show.

MAGNUM Fashion Show.

MAGNUM Fashion Show :: Also making it on display at the Customs House are pieces of chocolate jewellery created by a collaboration between 2am:dessertbar chef and owner, Janice Wong and local fashion designer, Pauline Lim of PAULINE.NING. It was an evening of elegant catwalk showcasing the collection. Lucky we’ve had our more than sufficient share of free-flow MAGNUM ice cream, otherwise there was no guarantee there wouldn’t be any model casualties sustained!

Limited Edition Marc de Champagne Magnum.

MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne.

MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne :: Also witnessed by the guests of the evening was the official release of MAGNUM’s limited edition with Marc de Champagne, a glamorous silver chocolate coating, crafted with swirls of Marc de Champagne-flavoured sauce weaved through the ice cream. It even comes in an incredibly stunning silver holographic pack marked with iconic MAGNUM M-stamp. It’s essentially vanilla ice cream with light hints of champagne (no you wouldn’t get drunk on it – tested and proven).

This beauty is currently available across the nation in super/hypermarkets, petrol marts, and convenience stores at $3.90 (single) and $10.90 (multipack).

MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store.

MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store.

MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store :: It is with a heavy heart that we announce the final installation of MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store, this time round at Customs House Terrace (Raffles Place). It is promised to bring Pleasure Seekers (all MAGNUM ice cream suckers like myself) on an unforgettable multi-sensory journey. At the Pleasure Store, you can get the immerse yourself in the array of MAGNUM-inspired cocktails ($15 – $16) and desserts ($11 – $25), or the Make-Your-MAGNUM booth ($7), as we did at the event. 23 July 2014 will be the last day of the Pleasure Store before we bid goodbye. But for now, pop by the store any time and any day between 12pm – 10.30pm.

Remember, a day without pleasure is a day lost. Here, we nod in agreement with MAGNUM’s belief.

Photos and video by Kathleen.
This was a media session. Thank you GolinHarris & MAGNUM.

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