Nando’s Singapore – Launches Espetada Carnival.

Nando's @ Lot 1.

Nando’s @ Lot 1.

My first time was given to Nando’s about a month back, at their new outlet (whose first time was also given to me when I was there on 11 May 2014, a day before its opening to the public). Prior to that, I heard a whole lot about their unique peri-peri sauce and chicken. I was psyched to give them a try myself.

Peri-Peri Sauces.

Peri-Peri Sauces.

It was quite generous to have sets of these sauces lined up. I heard they usually have a set for each table, not sure how true, but just not this outlet. The sauce ranges from very spicy to sweet – the extra hot peri-peri to garlic peri-peri, and wild herb peri-peri. So if you’re afraid, you can always order the hot peri-peri, and top it up with the extra hot sauce if you think that the former is of no challenge.

Wild Mushroom & Chicken Soup with Garlic Bread :: $6.90

Wild Mushroom & Chicken Soup with Garlic Bread :: $6.90++

Wild Mushroom & Chicken Soup with Garlic Bread ($6.90) :: Quite an ordinary, passable bowl of mushroom soup with chunks of chicken in it. It has the consistency of somewhere in between a velvety and a rough, grainy mushroom soup. I like my mushroom soup to possess the raw mushroom kind of taste, but this didn’t quite make that criterion.

1/4 Chicken (with 1 Fino side) :: $13.90

1/4 Chicken (with 1 Fino side) :: $13.90++

1/4 Chicken ($13.90++) :: I was largely disappointed at my first try of Nando’s signature 1/4 Chicken. While the meat was sufficiently moist and tender on the inside, a sizable portion of the outside was actually burnt, lending a unwelcome taste of bitterness. Not sure if it was just their off day / because that the outlet was new.

Espetada :: $20.90

Espetada Carnival (with 2 sides) :: $22.90++

Espetada :: $20.90

Espetada Carnival (with 2 sides) :: $22.90++

Espetada Carnival (with 2 sides) ($22.90++) :: Available from now until 28 June 2014, an all-new item, dubbed the Espetada Carnival, is served with 2 sides, with a mandatory side of Pumpkin & Grilled Corn, and another side of your choice. The most tender, flame-grilled peri-peri (once again, sauce up to your liking) chicken thighs are generously stuffed with garlic, parsley (I’m not a parsley fan at all, and thankfully the taste of it was more or less masked) and feta cheese, skewered in between mixed peppers, which turned out to be great companions of the spicy and sweet flavoured chicken. I was very impressed and in love with the quality of the meat and the well-balanced flavour of it all, especially the stuffed feta cheese which complemented the dish perfectly.

Spicy Mango Sangria.

Spicy Mango Sangria.

To complete the meal, you can opt to have the Spicy Mango Sangria (non-alcoholic) as part of the meal at $25.90++. No, it’s not exactly spicy. I think the ‘spiciness’ comes from the fizziness and tanginess of the mango-infused drink. Alright for an exotic and refreshing cuppa.

Caramel Cheesecake :: $5.90

Caramel Cheesecake :: $5.90++

Caramel Cheesecake ($5.90++) :: Had a go at one of their desserts at the end of the meal. I say skip the desserts. Caramel was basically undetectable, and I thought the texture of the cheesecake was a little too tough and dry for my liking.

There are currently 9 outlets of Nando’s in Singapore – that is quite a large number for the chain. It looks as though they are not stopping anytime soon. I have also learned that this South African restaurant brand doesn’t exactly focus on coming up with new menu every now and then to spice things up. They are more about giving back to the society, like partaking in events like PinkDot, and sponsoring in some others.

What’s worth paying for:
Espetada Carnival.

Address (in context): 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #01-06 Lot 1 Shopping Mall
Telephone: 6219 9920
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)
This was a media session. Thank you Vibes Comm.


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