Mother’s Day @ Yum Cha Restaurant.

Yum Cha Restaurant @ UE Bizhub East.

Yum Cha Restaurant @ UE Bizhub East.

This was my first visit to a Yum Cha Restaurant and all I know about them is the TV advertisement from eons ago, particularly the phrase, ‘Yum Cha lo!’ by the grandfather, or the granddaughter I vaguely remember. In any case, the restaurant has 3 outlets: @ Changi serving dim sum and roast delights, @ Chinatown a teahouse serving all-day dim sum, Tapino hotpot and seafood, and @ Serangoon Gardens a more upmarket one serving the same as its flagship shop at Chinatown.

Lavender Bun with Coconut Filling :: $2.80++/2pieces

Lavender Bun with Coconut Filling :: $2.80++/2pieces

Large Prawn Siew Mai with Double Roe :: $3.50++

Large Prawn Siew Mai with Double Roe :: $3.50++

Pictured are two of three dim sum served exclusive to this Mother’s Day (and if they are well-received, they may just put it permanently on the menu). After much tweaking and testings, Lavender Bun with Coconut Fillings ($2.80++/2pieces) was born. It is an uncommon pairing, but nonetheless not a bad one. Bun is nicely coloured, with just a slight hint of lavender aroma. The main bulk of the flavour still comes from the coconut – the kind you get in a tutu kueh. If you like that, you’ll like this, and it’s reasonably priced.

Large Prawn Siew Mai with Double Roe ($3.50++), though luxurious, came out a little too salty for my preference, likely because of the strong presence of the whole king prawn stuffed in the middle and the flying fish roe and black sturgeon roe that comes alongside. I have to admit that the prawn was especially succulent though.

As an additional dessert option this Mother’s Day, you can get Glazed Mini Fruit Tart ($2++) as well.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling :: $

Prawn Dumpling :: $4.60++/3pieces

Custard Bun :: $

Custard Bun :: $4.50++/3pieces

I was generally pleased with the quality of the other dim sum on the table (on their regular menu). The Prawn Dumpling ($4.60++/3pieces) was once again, juicy and bouncy, with no overly-sticky and dry wrap. The Custard Bun ($4.50++/3pieces) was my favourite of the night. A soft peel of the fluffy bun renders you an ooze of the golden molten salted yolk custard. My only grudge is that it’s a ‘tad too small.

Roast Meat Platter :: $

Roast Meat Platter.

We had the opportunity to have the Roast Meat Platter that evening. Roasts are only available at this outlet. Surprisingly, my favourites were the Chicken ($16++/half or $30++/whole) and Roasted Pork ($11.80++). Being a Maxwell-boy, I’ve had aplenty of extremely high-standard chicken rice. The one here is comparable, if not better. Really moist and tender no matter which part of the chicken. The skin is done to crisp too. The same can be said for its roasted pork, except a firmer and chewy meat, with minimal fats. The char siew, on the other hand, was really lackluster, while the duck ordinary.

    Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters :: $4++/3pieces Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll :: $3.20++/3pieces

Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters :: $4++/3pieces
Crispy  Spring Roll :: $3.20++/3pieces

What is this

Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp :: $4++/3pieces

We also went on to have three deep-fried items. My favourite was the Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters ($4++/3pieces), most worth ordering. The crisp skin was thin and the fillings were brimming with mangoes and prawn, an overall well-balanced sweet savoury kind of taste. The Crispy Spring Roll ($3.20++/3pieces) and Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp ($4++/3pieces) were ordinary.

Banana Red Bean ::

Crispy Red Bean Paste with Banana :: $3.80++/3pieces

The Crispy Red Bean Paste with Banana ($3.80++/3pieces) was a simple and straightforward dim sum I say. There’s nothing special about it, and it’s a no-brainer to order if you like red bean and banana.

I also tried their noodles (both soup and dry), and they fall below standard in my opinion. The noodles were flavourless, and the same can be said for its bland soup. I would certainly place order for their dim sum and roasts but not their soups and noodles.

Interestingly, Yum Cha Restaurant is one of the more established brands to do dim sum delivery. Check out more details here.

What’s worth paying for:
Lavender Bun with Coconut Filling.
Prawn Dumpling.
Custard Bun.
Roasted Pork.
Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters.

Address: 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1, #01-33 UE Bizhub East
Telephone: 6789 1717 (takes reservations)
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 9pm (Mon – Fri); 9.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 9pm (Sat, Sun & PHs)
This was a media session. Thank you William, Dennis & The Influencer Network team.


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