Pool Grill @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

Pool Grill @ Marriott Hotel.

Pool Grill @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

To find a quiet spot in the busy streets of Orchard Road may be a challenge. That is why, when I find one, I feel proud of myself. I first saw Pool Grill @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, an all-day dining restaurant, from the Entertainer App, an app that guarantees tens and hundreds of dollars of savings for a foodie like me. Then I went to do some research, and found that this all al-fresco dining setting is right next to a pool. What better way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon that with the company of good food, people and the waters, I thought. They serve mainly food with western adaptations, so you can expect some grill items, risotto, and meat of most kinds. The mains are in the range of $30 – $50, while the grill items, other than steak (find out more below), are in the range of $30 – $40, before taxes.

Complimentary Bread.

Complimentary Bread.

Thyme & Garlic Sautéed Mushrooms :: $5++

Thyme & Garlic Sautéed Mushrooms :: $5++

Thyme & Garlic Sautéed Mushrooms ($5++) :: I had high hopes on the sides because well, the description was just simply promising. While I understand that it is meant to be sautéed and not fry, the mushrooms were slightly more raw than I had expected. But for me, I was fine with the rawness and thus the powerful taste of mushrooms. However, I thought maybe the Chef forgot to sautéed it with garlic and thyme, because I really couldn’t taste either. Fortunately, we ordered the below Creamy Spinach where we treated the cream sauce as a dip, and it was much better.

Creamy Spinach :: $5++

Creamy Spinach :: $5++

Creamy Spinach ($5++) :: It was standard fare done reasonably well. The cream sauce was thickly creamy, which was why a dip of the mushrooms in this was significant in changing its flavours, for the better. If you like plain, near-raw unseasoned mushrooms, then order the above, if not, this should do the trick for your grumbling tummy while waiting for your main to arrive.

Lamb Rack :: $42++

Lamb Rack :: $42++

Lamb Rack ($42++) :: The game was doused with smoked eggplant purée, and accompanied with pickled artichokes and fondant potato. It was certainly acceptably gamey, but I wasn’t impressed by the tenderness of the meat. It was neither tender nor does it possess the good kind of ‘chewiness’ bite to it. The meat was slightly too grainy and rough for my liking.

400-day Grain-fed Australian Wagyu Beef, 280g Rib-Eye :: $68++

400-day Grain-fed Australian Wagyu Beef, 280g Rib-Eye :: $68.50++

400-day Grain-fed Australian Wagyu Beef, 280g Rib-Eye ($68.50++) :: On the other hand, my order of the rib-eye cut was grilled to perfection. I like it when cuts can be eaten without any sauces, and the light seasoning on the steak was sufficient and well-flavoured. My order was beautifully medium-rare, as requested. However, my dining companion’s was slightly inconsistent, with the outer layers overdone. The grill items are further served with Himalayan sea salt, lemon and organic olive oil, and also a choice of the sauces, including the usual suspects like red wine sauce, béarnaise sauce, black pepper sauce, and also the more uncommon ones like white anchovy butter sauce and horseradish cream sauce, amongst others. I stuck to the safe option, the former, and though it was a little too sweet, it was fine. The big fat juicy red cherry tomatoes, with no hints of sourness, were icings on the cake. It’s $61 for Sirloin (280g) and $66 for Tenderloin (180g). I don’t know if I will spend that much on the items – that really differs from person to person depending on your disposable income. I was here because I had the Entertain App, where it gives me 1-for-1 on the main courses. Essentially, I saved a lot. This meal, I saved $103. For the four of us, it works out to a saving of more than $25/person. Check out the restaurant promotions that are currently running here. What’s worth paying for (with the Entertain App): Creamy Spinach. Australian Wagyu Beef. Photos by Kathleen. Address: 320 Orchard Road, Level 5, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel (linked to Orchard MRT) Telephone: 6831 4605 (takes reservations) Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs); 11am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)


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