Pezzo Pizza (Buy-2-Get-2 Free Promo + Giveaway).

Pezzo Pizza Kiosk.

Pezzo Pizza Kiosk.

What does a pizza and a godzilla have in common? On a seemingly ordinary day, nothing would suggest that they have anything related. But from 11 April – 31 May 2014, they have decided to make an unexpected pairing (no, not the pizza in the GODZILLA). A collaboration between Pezzo Pizza & Warner Bros. Singapore sees the birth of Pezzo GODZILLA Pizza!



Don’t get them wrong, it has nothing to do with the literal meaning. It’s the same old innocently sized-pizza; just that, the GODZILLA Pizza is topped with a gargantuan portion of premium ingredients. It’s generously decked with beef balls, salami, pepperoni, sausage and turkey ham, with special pezzo white sauce and mozzarella cheese. I am a carnivore, so naturally, I was impressed with the meaty toppings. I also like the marriage of the white sauce and mozzarella cheese. The mouthful has a good balance of flavour and meat; not overly sweet.

Hot Chick Pizza.

Hot Chick Pizza.

Unlike this Hot Chick Pizza, where it’s basically overpowered by the sweet chilli sauce. It is supposedly some spicy shredded chicken, with special chilli sauce, red chillies, red peppers, green peppers and roasted garlic with mozzarella cheese. See, so I was anticipating some irresistible spicy bites what with the description; but turned out, I did not detect any of the same. Well so it depends on what kind of chicken, sweet or spicy, you like, half of the table liked this.

Hola Hawaiian Pizza.

Hola Hawaiian Pizza.

It was standard fare done reasonably well for their Hola Hawaiian Pizza. I will have no doubt ordering this and be satisfied with it. So will all Hawaiian Pizza goers.



The basic to a pizza is its crust and thickness – how it is done. At Pezzo Pizza, it’s evident that they adopt a pan-pizza kind of crust – thicker than usual. This, when perfected, is heavenly. I must say they have, indeed. I love the crust, because it’s thick and slightly chewy. It’s not charred and hard at all. Edges are slightly crisp and that’s about it, because any more than that they risk the burns. It was my first time having Pezzo Pizza and admittedly, I love it, save for the problem of being pricey.

It’s $4.50 – $4.90 for a slice (one-sixth of a 14” full pan pizza), or $24.90 for a whole pan pizza. But until 31 May 2014, I don’t know about you, but I know I will go crazy with ordering slices of it, because of the buy-2-get-2 free promotion.

Simply quote “PEZZOPIZZA8” for this promotion. You are supposed to say, “PEZZO IS AWESOME” before that, but if it’s your first time, maybe you can tell them that you’ll have your go at the pizza first and decide later whether Pezzo is indeed awesome. So for less than $10, you get 4 huge-ass slices of pizza – best for a poor bloke like me!


Take a photo of a Pezzo Pizza you are having, do a hashtag #pezzopizza8.

At the end of the promotion, I will do a random pick to give away a pair of GODZILLA movie tickets + a full-sized original GODZILLA poster, flown in from the USA. (Movie hits the theatres on 15 May 2014.)

Participating outlets for the promotion:
Marine Parade
Star Vista
Junction 8
Bukit Panjang

Photos by Kathleen.
This was a media session. Thank you Priscilla, Jaslyn & the Brand Cellar team.


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