(Valentine’s Day 2014) zChocolat.



zChocolat, a luxury French chocolate I swear by from my first encounter. It is in a league of its own, and I have only heard good things from the people I let try these carefully crafted confectioneries. If you haven’t already been introduced, you can actually get your hands on these prized possessions from just about anywhere in the world, thanks to their extensive and elaborate delivery collaboration with DHL Express.

Mahogany Box with golden entwined pair of hearts.

Mahogany Box with golden entwined pair of hearts.

This Valentine’s Day, couples with a hot desire for chocolates can rejoice. Your heart(s of chocolates) can be presented in this elegant rich-toned mahogany box, bearing a golden entwined pair of hearts inlay, handcrafted as delicately as the chocolates embraced within.

Personal Engraving.

Personal Engraving.

Not only are you able to customize the gift with a picture of the both of you on the inside of the lid, you are also able to add a diamond-engraved message / name on a brass plate stuck to the exterior to perfect your thought.

Happy Valentine's Day, from zChocolat.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from zChocolat.

Now everything looks perfectly exquisite, well-thought out and extremely lavish, short of the chocolates enclosed. If the society ain’t such a judgmental one, I would have ordered one selfishly for myself this very special day #foreveralone. I’m joking.

Premium, luxury chocolates.

Premium, luxury chocolates.

For this day, zChocolat has created special heart-shaped chocolate assortment on top of their usual offerings. You can expect the heart-shaped chocolates to be of dark ganache in a white exterior, creamy milk hazelnut praline, vanilla bourbon caramel and ganache-infused bergamote. High cocoa content, 100% pure cocoa butter, low sugar, no preservatives and no alcohol are criteria in these flawless creations.

A little something for you.

A little something for you.

I would think that solely gifting chocolates would be a little too unthoughtful for this lovely day. But don’t you think that giving this as a side / additional gift would be like a gold-foiled cherry on top? The luxury makes me feel pampered on a normal day already, let alone on the Valentine’s Day.

Special gratitude to Adria and the zChocolat team for the hospitality and the product tasting.

Website: www.zchocolat.com
Photos by Kathleen.


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