(CNY 2014) LP + Tetsu.

Helmed by One-Michelin-Star chef Laurent Peugeot, LP + Tetsu is a partnership between the chef and home grown lifestyle company Food Junction Holdings Limited. Apart from cooking us mouth-watering dishes on our sunny island, the lauded chef is also chef-owner of One-Michelin-Star Le Charlemagne in Burgundy, France. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure of contemporary French-Japanese fine dining in an elegant yet casual interior décor, complete with an open kitchen.



Overseeing the kitchen on Chef Peugeot’s behalf is Chef Nicolas Bisani, who has spent time in the past 2 years soaking up our island’s cosmopolitan culture, with the goal to immerse himself in the Chinese festivities and eventually produce his own spin of the traditional yu sheng: French and Japanese versions.



The French menu includes:

  • French yusheng
  • Abalone with mushroom
  • Spring onion and Jambon de Bayonne
  • Pan fried salmon
  • A dessert

The Japanese menu includes:

  • Japanese yusheng
  • Abalone with shabu shabu
  • Tofu and dashi consommé
  • Kurobuta
  • A dessert

Both versions of yu shengs will be prepared à la minute and you can expect that all ingredients used will be fresh and included in LP + Tetsu’s 2014 Chinese New Year menus. Diners will have the luxury to enjoy either versions at its four-course menu at $188++ for 2. As a special treat, you will be able to choose to mix and match the appetisers, entrees or main courses however you wish. The menu will run from now to 14 February 2014.

French Yusheng.

French Yu Sheng.

French Yusheng.

French Yusheng.

French Yu Sheng :: This French yu sheng includes truffle, caviar as well as vegetables and beetroots that are imported directly from France. Diners will get to top the ingredients with refreshing French dressing. Delicious! I am not the biggest fan of truffle, but the influence of truffle here is delicately balanced. I know we all have a tendency to get way too excited about doing the yusheng which equates to having half of it on the table before you even start eating. Please, reserve your usual gusto for this yusheng and waste not a single bit of it. The truffle, together with the condiments that comes alongside elevates the taste for this yusheng to make it a very memorable one. I will definitely come back for more.

Japanese Yusheng.

Japanese Yu Sheng.

Japanese Yu Sheng :: The Japanese version, on the other hand, did not provide the same novelty for your palate as the French version did. We all agreed that it resembles that of our traditional one, probably owing to the fact that it includes mainstays such as tuna, scallop, salmon and seafood. This should please the purists.



When I say affordable, I really mean it. Now serving is the affordable “Encounters” Menu and the “Bento Box Premium”. “Encounters” offers a choice of 3 courses ($45) or 2 courses ($35) set.

Appetizer: Salmon.

(Appetizer) Salmon.

Appetizer: Sanma Sushi.

(Appetizer) Sanma Sushi.

Appetizers :: The Salmon in tartare, avocado, passion fruit was spot on in their relatively exotic accompaniments. I am a fan of avocado so this dish attracted me immediately. The salmon was fresh, and goes well with the avocado. The Sanma Sushi in miso yuzu and sauce daîkon was succulent and it reminds me of unagi. If you are looking for something refreshing, I would say go for the salmon.

Main: Margret de Canard Duck Breast

(Main) Margret de Canard
Duck Breast

Main: Saint Pierre John Dory

(Main) Saint Pierre
John Dory

Mains :: The combination of beetroot and berries resulted in a very distinct taste that some might find too jarring for their taste. Personally though, I find that it presented the Duck Breast in miso red fruits and chiogga beetroot in a very different way that was exciting. Though the meat itself was tender, the meat wouldn’t have stood out for me without the sauce. Compared with the duck, the John Dory with tofu, mini vegetable, and dashi consommé came across a little too tamed. The tempura batter was very light; a little too light for my personal taste. Consommé tends to cool faster than soups so it is best to have it while it’s still warm.

Dessert: Chocolat, Beetroot Blood Orange Sorbert

(Dessert) Chocolat, Beetroot
Blood Orange Sorbert

Dessert: Fig, Lavander

(Dessert) Fig, Lavander

Desserts :: For the Blood Orange Sorbet, the chocolate was very rich and not too bitter. The refreshing sorbert helps to counterpoise the sweetness and bitterness; keeps the bitterness from being overpowering. The highlight of the night for me was the Fig, Lavender. A distinct fruity flavour when mixed with the yogurt ice cream is surprisingly good.

Bento Box Premium :: $35++

Bento Box Premium :: $35++

Bento Box's Pork Katsu.

Bento Box’s Pork Katsu.

Menus will change monthly. Menus are available during lunchtime or for early dinner from 6pm to 7pm daily. If you are not going back for this ridiculously affordable food by a 1 Michelin Star Chef, I will (and it’s your loss)!

—> Note #1: Smart casual dress code, slippers and shorts are not allowed.

—> Note #2: Kids below 6 are generally not allowed.

Special gratitude to Racheal and the Brand Cellar team, and the LP + Tetsu team for the hospitality and hosting the media tasting session.

Words & Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #03-18 Tanglin Mall
Telephone: 6836 3112 (Takes Reservations)
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm; 6pm – 10.30pm (Daily)


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