Mean Bean & Wicked Grind.

Mean Bean & Wicked Grind.

Mean Bean & Wicked Grind.

When I first heard of the café, Mean Bean & Wicked Grind, I thought it wears a rather unique and unorthodox name. I like that it has more syllabus than many others, and reminds me of Fall Out Boy and their long song titles. Speaking of music, it was quite a rocking time spent at the café. As with other humbly self-owned spaces, music are played from their own music devices / playlist. Top 40 hits were played here, yahoo!



‘Mean’ rhymes with ‘Beans’, and wanting to make it more unique, the remaining part of the name just follows naturally. A fan of cartoons and all things cute, Kimberley, the young entrepreneur instinctively added drawings of coffee beans and grind looking all mean and wicked; now a signature of its establishment. When asked what spurred her on to take this big step forward in life, she expressed that she’s never a person of the corporate world, and too, never sees herself working for someone else. All these strong intrinsic factors contributed to her living her dream.

Latte :: $

Latte :: $4.50

Hot Chocolate ::

Hot Chocolate :: $5

Hot Beverages :: Though Kimberley joked, ‘pardon my coffee art’, I thought she was just being humble. The coffee art was more than reasonable. Coffee beans are from La Ristrettos (Cafe Agust Beans), and are 100% Arabica beans. I had very much preferred the Latte ($4.50) to the Hot Chocolate ($5), more so in this instance, because the former carries a full-bodied flavor, with the self-evident coffee bitterness lingering after each sip, while the the latter was a very sweet rendition of Hot Chocolate. Surely it was a better option to go with the Coffee with the table already full of sweet treats.

Cheese Souffle Cake ::

Cheese Souffle Cake :: $6.50

Cheese Souffle Cake ($6.50) :: The cake was on the denser side, and has a good balance of the richness of cheese and the 3-sided layer of cake base. While it could very well satisfy a cheesecake craving, I thought it might be a little too steeply priced.

Pastries Counter.

Pastries Counter.

Lemon Meringue Tart :: $ Passionfruit Raspberry Tart ::  Belgian Belcolade Chocolate Tart :: $

Lemon Meringue Tart :: $5.80
Passionfruit Raspberry Tart :: $6
Belgian Belcolade Chocolate Tart :: $6.50

Tarts :: My favorite of the three, hands down, has to be the Passionfruit Raspberry Tart ($6). It may sound too tangy to handle, but try it and you’ll be proven wrong. It’s a double layered tart of good sourness and sweetness. The Belgian Belcolade Chocolate Tart ($6.50) on the other hand, was a let down. It had solidified to a slight extent, and I thought it would have fared better if Dark Chocolate of Belgian Belcolade was used instead. I thought the Lemon Meringue Tart ($5.80) was ordinary.

Sea Salt Caramel Shortbread :: $ Salted Caramel Eclair :: $

Sea Salt Caramel Shortbread :: $4.90
Salted Caramel Eclair :: $3

The Sea Salt Caramel Shortbread ($4.90) receives stellar ratings from me. Though it was hard to cut through, the brittleness also means it gives a crunchy, salty and sweet bite as a whole, a real treat for a hardcore chocolate + salted caramel fan like myself. The Salted Caramel Eclair ($3) then, paled in comparison, for it was expectable.

Cupcakes :: $

Cupcakes :: $3.50 for 1 / $19 for 6

Cupcakes ($3.50 for 1 / $19 for 6) :: The cakes themselves are undoubtedly moist and surely do not lose out to the rest of the market. I had a go at their Salted Caramel‘s and Peanut Butter‘s, and once again, I fell in love with one I never thought I would – the peanut butter’s. The easily detectable powerful flavor remains rich after a few bites. Sourced from Kisses Bakery.

Mean Bean & Wicked Grind also serves savory items like Sandwiches, Salad Bowls, Cereals and Parfaits.

As of now, the café is only opened during office hours on weekdays and closed on weekends, largely due to its location. The crowd comes from Park Royal on Beach Road (linked; walk through the hotel, past Si Chuan Dou Hua into the Plaza and you’ll see the café), the Serviced Apartment and white collars around the area. They’re looking into opening on weekends starting February.

What’s worth paying for:
Passionfruit Raspberry Tart.
Sea Salt Caramel Shortbread.
Peanut Butter Cupcake.

–> Note #1: Neither GST nor Service Charge is imposed.

Special gratitude to Kimberley for the hospitality and hosting the media tasting event.

Address: 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #01-337
Telephone: 9272 1571
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Fri); Closed on Sat & Sun.


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