Smartphone Food App: Pickat v1.9

Since my initial introduction of a budding Food App, Pickat, a couple of updates have taken place; the beauty of apps. Save the updates, the good people behind the App has also gone scouring for exclusive deals (oh don’t we just love this term here in Singapore), well, exclusively for the users.

Department of Caffeine.

Department of Caffeine.

Drooling already? I know I am.

  • Department of Caffeine: Up until 29 January ’14, with a minimum spending of $20 per person (excluding drinks), you’ll be entitled to a 15% discount.

It’s largely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of buttermilk waffles served here. It’s not exactly the crisp ones, if you’re in search of that. You can expect something more mellowed down (with slight crisp), and with a relatively more intense buttermilk flavor. I personally loved it outside of my usual liking of crisp and airy waffles, a huge favor to the flavor itself.

Department of Caffeine, or better known as D.O.C, has recently opened up its online reservation system. Trust me, it’ll come in really handy, no thanks to its finite space and seats. Though points to note include tables only being held for a maximum of 10 minutes, and having the party seated only if 75% of them are present. With the availability of the (free) coupon, I urge you to try this place out if you haven’t already. One of the best brunches I’ve had (solely food-wise) in 2013.

Pickat Interface.

Pickat Interface.

Addition #1: ‘My Places’ (top right corner) is added and I’m glad. References to previous picks are made easier and much more convenient. You know how sometimes you can’t remember what you ate for lunch yesterday? It works the same; it can be challenging to remember what you’ve already picked and reviewed.

Click Redeem!

Click Redeem!

Hand it to the waitstaff!

Hand it to the waitstaff!

Addition #2: Redemption of the coupons is now made easily accessible, and in fact, with just a few touches on your screen. Click into the coupon page (you’ll see at the home page, [Picture A] – Click Redeem, and you’ll see [Picture B] where you simply hand it to the waitstaff to key in their pin for confirmation. As easy as A, B. Don’t even need a C.

If you happen to spot a new establishment before the Pickat team, adding it has become easier in this version. You only need to key in the postal code and it auto populates. Love it as a lazy ass!

Download the App here, find me, and we can exchange our food hunts!
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