The Providore.

The Providore @ Mandarin Gallery.

The Providore @ Mandarin Gallery.



The café is half a year old now. Sitting in Mandarin Gallery naturally gives you a lavish, luxe and relaxed sentiment. It’s no exception for The Providore. Hearing that it serves brunch, I kept it close to my radar and finally headed there in late-2013. The café is split into two sections; one the al fresco area overlooking Orchard Road (right at the escalator when you come up after crossing the road from 313 @ Somerset), and the other the indoor area. It’s quite funny, the way it is; we were told that it’s two different queues for the indoor and outdoor area. But I’m guessing it’s for ease of management. The space isn’t the biggest, so if you go during peak brunch hours, be prepared to wait. It’s operates on a walk-in basis.

7 Spice Chai :: $6.50+ Mocha :: $5++

7 Spice Chai Latte :: $6.50+
Mocha :: $5+

Hot Beverages :: I must say that their hot beverages were executed rather well. I was really impressed with their 7 Spice Chai Latte ($6.50+). Very rich, vivid and velvety, the unmistakable smell of chai. Mocha ($5+) was ordinary.

Muesli Parfait :: $12.50+

Muesli Parfait :: $12.50+

Muesli Parfait ($12.50+) :: The portion surely can feed a pig, especially for brunch, which is good. Whilst the taste of each ingredient mashed together was fine, there was a mismatch portion of muesli with its accompanying sidekicks of shaved coconut, fresh fruits, yogurt, and roasted almonds. The course comes with milk at the side too.

Pancakes :: $17.50+

Ricotta Pancakes :: $17.50+

Ricotta Pancakes ($17.50+) :: The Chef surely has a good sense of humor in plating.. Okay. Putting that aside, the pancakes were hugely disappointingly dry and rough in texture. And with just a long, caramelized banana, candied walnut and yellowbox honey to top it, it doesn’t justify the steeply priced item even if it were to taste good.

English Breakfast :: $19.50+

English Breakfast :: $19.50+

English Breakfast ($19.50+) :: So, of all the mains we had, English Breakfast, one of those safer brunch options, was indeed the only safe option. I had my eggs done scrambled, which they more or less nailed it. It’s creamy, soft and fluffy. So long as it steers far from McDonald’s, it wouldn’t go too wrong. The mushrooms were well sautéed, retaining its moisture, texture and strong flavor. I like their rendition of grilled bacon, not done to be crispy (many locals would oppose to this though, I’ve learned). Comes with sourdough toast, pork sausage and roasted tomato. Even though it’s the pricier one, if you’re already here, might as well get this to make your trip worth it.

Spinach :: $4.50+

Sautéed Spinach :: $4.50+

Sautéed Spinach ($4.50+) :: Because we were craving for it, we placed an added side order. And expected to share it at the table, seeing how it costs $4.50, it should be of a reasonable portion. Turns out, as above, it was just a pathetically morsel portion of greens. Even though it was one of the best sautéed spinach we’ve had, we thought it wasn’t worth it. Unless you’re feeling rich.

What’s worth paying for:
7 Spice Chai Latte.
English Breakfast.

—> Note #1: No GST. Only 10% service charge imposed.

—> Note #2: I had my meal about a month ago. Based on The Providore’s website, both the spinach (gosh) and English Breakfast is a dollar more now.  It’s not stated when the website was updated.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery #02-05
Telephone: 6732 1565 (No Reservations)
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Daily) (Brunch available from 9am – 12pm on weekdays and 9am – 3pm on weekends)


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