The Audacious Cakery.

It’s often an act of audacity to walk into a ‘cakery’ for a full-blown sweet lunch. Calories-minded readers out there would agree. And of course, I just have to insert those words somewhere in the opening. The Audacious Cakery joined the ranks of the booming café scene in Singapore about half a year ago at one of the newer corners; in the neighborhood of Everton Park.

Latte :: $5.50

Latte :: $5.50

TWG Tea Selection :: $5

TWG Tea Selection :: $5

Hot Beverages :: Luxe iswhen you first step into a café and you see Papa Palheta coffee ($3 – $5.50) and TWG tea ($5) on the menu. Well at least for me, those are probably one of the best of each of their trades. Options of the tea include Gentleman Earl Grey Tea (PSY-inspired, yes I’m kidding), a black tea blend with citrus aroma, English Breakfast Tea, a strong broken-leaf black tea with light floral hints, and Alexandria Tea, a green tea subtly floral and mint scented.

Macarons :: $2.50 - $2.80

Macarons :: $2.50 – $2.80

Macarons ($2.50 – $2.80) :: These burgers of ganache fillings were disappointing to say the least. They were inconsistent in texture and hardness. The ganache fillings weren’t exactly the richest either. Flavors include lemon cream cheese, salted caramel, lemongrass coconut and more. I’d say stick to the rest of their pastries instead.

Strawberry Shortcake :: $6.80 Zacharie :: $7.80

Strawberry Shortcake :: $6.80
Zacharie :: $7.80

Monet :: $9.80 Exotique :: $7.80

Monet :: $9.80
Exotique :: $7.80

Cakes :: Two of them left a very deep impression. Monet ($9.80) is an alcoholic cake that is, really, potent. It’s an orange mousse with champagne, with raspberry compote on a Cointreau soaked sponge. It’s alcohol left, right and center, no avoiding. We were kidding around that this cake is perfectly crafted for clubbers at Zouk. I don’t club, and thus it wasn’t too much to my liking. My favorite of the cakes is Zacharie ($7.80), a simple and light mango passionfruit cheese mousse, with the core made up of mango passionfruit and a base of ginger biscuit. Mousse-smooth, and nothing of the overly sour sort despite the expectation from the fruits involved, and I especially like the break of monotonous from the crisp salty base.

Black Forest :: $9.80

Black Forest :: $9.80

Chocolate Obsession :: $8.80

Chocolate Obsession :: $8.80

Chocolate Cakes :: Then comes the battle of the chocolate cakes. This time round, I wasn’t alone in saying that we were let down by our favorite flavor. Not one of the chocolate cakes made it to our favorites. If it is those mandatory, uncontrollable decision to purchase a chocolate cake anyway, I’d go for the Chocolate Obsession ($8.80), filled with Valrhona dark chocolate (70%) and a chocolate creme brulee centre on a dark Valrhona chocolate geoise, a good mix of sweetness and bitterness. But as we’ve discussed, if you’re a party-goer, Black Forest ($9.80) may suit you more with the cherries soaked in Kirsch and recipe revolving around Kirsh cream.

Lemon Meringue :: $5.80

Lemon Meringue :: $5.80

Chocolate Tart :: $6.80

Chocolate Tart :: $6.80

Tarts :: I was much more impressed by its tarts, both Lemon Meringue Tart ($5.80) and the Chocolate Tart ($6.80). The wall of the tarts was very sturdy but breakable to pair with the flowing inside. The former had just the right amount of sourness (I don’t usually take sour very well) with a more stinging aftertaste; good stinging. The latter, after being heated (upon request), had its centre liquify a little and again, tasted really good thanks to the well-adjusted level of sweetness and bitterness.

Cupcakes :: $3.50

Cupcakes :: $3.50

Cupcakes ($3.50) :: Then come the cupcakes, which I thought should cause the name to be amended to The Audacious Cupcakery. The cake itself was unmistakably and fully moist while still retaining its shape. The Black Sesame flavored one was the best, and reminded me strongly of Black Sesame Paste. The Matcha one came a close second, for it tasted and smelled really good.

It was observed that there were apparent hits and misses for the cakes themselves. The tarts and cupcakes were way better and I thought should have been the highlight of the outlet instead. In a dessert parlor like this, it is simply a game of getting the correct item off the counter. If our taste buds are aligned, then you’re safe following the above.

—> Note #1: No GST / Service Charge.

Special gratitude to Nicholas, Kenneth, Sharryl and The Audacious Cakery team for the hospitality and hosting the media tasting session.

Address: 2 Everton Park, #01-61
Telephone: 6223 3047
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon – Sat); Closed on Sundays


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  1. Hi Edsmond,

    I came across this review on The Audacious Cakery.

    Thanks for the positive mention and I’m glad that you had enjoyed our pastries.

    We recently launched our new website and I was wondering if you could link from your website back to our website?

    Here’s the URL of our website –


    The Audacious Cakery

  2. Ate the cakes there and there are way below standard and overpriced. Definitely not worth specially making a trip down just for them.

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