(Christmas 2013) The King Louis Grill & Bar.

The King Louis Christmas Takehome Set.

The King Louis Christmas Takehome Set.

Lazy? Not a turkey fan? Still want to hold a party this Christmas? I hear you. If you’re looking for a meaty-sans-turkey Christmas, The King Louis might just be the answer to your prayers this year. Packed in a sturdy and sleek black box, priced at $178.80+, this goodie box can feed somewhere around 4 – 6 people (heavily dependent on involved parties’ appetite).

Starters & Salad.

Starters & Salad.

Starters & Salad :: There’s no doubt that the platter includes its signature and hot favorite Banana Bacon Bite. I actually haven’t heard anyone who dislikes it. Filling up the rest of the boxes are the BBQ Wings and Turkey Ham Garden Salad. Surprisingly, my palate agreed much with the latter. The generous portion of turkey ham helped a lot, spicing up the otherwise monotonous garden salad.



Meat :: Meat, meat and meat. Don’t be deceived by the look of it (we had to go up to level 2 to take this shot.. yeah okay, I lied), it actually is quite some portion of meat (with more layers of meat hidden underneath the first). Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Sauce, Lamb Steak with Rosemary Herbs, BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Roasted Queen Pullet, it basically satisfies all kinds of preferences. I am pleased with the portion, but my complain is that the meat, specifically the Beef and the Lamb Steak was pretty much prepared to medium well – well done rareness, when my usual preference is medium rareness. I guess now you know, you might want to try and put up your request prior to the collection date. The meat platter is complete with a bed of roasted potatoes, in the event that you aren’t filled enough yet!

Cabernet Sauvignon.


Each Christmas Banquet comes with either a bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s true; I think I’m the minority who doesn’t drink even during the festive seasons. For alcohol enthusiasts, you’d be thrilled to learn that they have more options outside of this takehome set.

For the full offerings, click here for the takehome set order form / menu.

Special gratitude to Atwell and the Quantum Group team, and The King Louis Grill & Bar team for the takehome banquet.

Photos by Kathleen.
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A
Telephone: 6276 0862
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Sun – Thurs); 12pm – 11pm (Fri – Sat & Eve of PHs)


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