If a firm deems itself as even remotely haute couture, then really one shouldn’t have too much doubt about it. Elegance. Intelligence. Excellence. These are what zChocolat has committed themselves to. zChocolat is an established, premier online retailer of French luxury chocolate gifts, that is your best friend especially when you want to impress your best buddy, other half, or family members.



Why is zChocolat quality? They know how important their responsiveness is and thus, they do not subcontract of logistics / customer service. And even though they deliver worldwide, there are no preservatives added. And that explains why the chocolates remain in a dangerously it’s-going-to-melt anytime state when it was delivered to me. Also, do you know that the most luxurious gift boxes are made from mahogany wood?

Why ‘z’? Z is the mathematical symbol the infinite range of whole numbers. Further, ‘z’, the number 26th alphabet, represents the 26 recipes / different flavors of chocolates zChocolat has in their numbered collection (0 to 26 + signature Z collection).


zChocolat Holiday Collection: Chic & Modern.

Holiday’s just around the corner. Well be it an occasion, just another day, or the holiday seasons, they have painstakingly crafted and made available various designs on sale. From as cheap as about $20 (after taxes), you can get some zChocolat chocolates delivered to your friend / yourself. Check out their whole line of chocolates on sale here.

Numbered Chocolates.

Numbered Chocolates.

Each number has its own recipe. Read here on the specifics.
When the chocolates melt in your hands, you know that they are of genuinely good quality. The cubes are distinct in flavors, rich, delicate and smooth. It’s no exaggeration that you will yearn for more after just one pop.

Personalized Luxury Chocolate Gift.

Personalized Luxury Chocolate Gift.

Pick, order and the sending takes care of itself.
– Receiver will get your customized greeting card.
– Receiver will get to see a picture you have chosen to put on the gift box.
– Receiver will get to see whatever alphanumeric characters you have selected to engrave on the gift box (maximum of 25 characters).
– You can select your desired recipe / flavor, even making use of the number on the chocolate to arrange your anniversary date, birth date, etc
The gift box is one that is perfect for keepsake.

With its posh-ness and not just a purely looks-only fellow, I am already finding an excuse to send these chocolates to someone.

Special gratitude to Adria and the zChocolat team for the hospitality and the product.

Photos by Kathleen.
Click here for zChocolat’s website.


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