With the undisputed swelling figures of employees staying back late in the office for an after-party to clear their work, and home-stayers reluctant to leave the house so as to catch up on Running Man finish up their homework, home-delivery food service naturally becomes needful.


Customers being customers, the irksome bunch, any service would have to think out of the box and cater to their special needs. Foodpanda Singapore, a food delivery service, has plotted out well and brought together multiple restaurants (more than 200) for you to choose from. So instead of having to go tediously into each and every website to check out potential menu you are considering, you can now browse through the same in this very portal – a one-stop cure to laziness.

You can make a Pizza + Wings Day, for a Big Bang Theory Day.

You can make a Pizza + Wings Day, for a Big Bang Theory Day.

Ordering food online is no stranger to all you strangers, unless you are strange, so really, there isn’t a need for us to go through a step-by-step how-to-order tutorial. foodpanda’s user interface is friendly enough for a quick self-exploration. It’s friendly as kai kai or jia jia, whichever was used in the production of the logo.

Did you know (I kid you, of course I know you don’t), that Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines top the charts on foodpanda?

Instead, I’ve dug and find out some of the reasons why foodpanda has become one of the leading delivery service.

  • Engagement of big names.
  • Presence of deals and its value.
  • Deals are updated on a weekly-basis.
  • Deliverance no matter rain or shine.
  • Convenience of a foodpanda mobile app.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are strictly enforced on restaurants, making sure that whoever is on board the platform delivers, both literally and figuratively.

And just because I told the people behind that the featured panda is cute, they have kindly extended 3 x $5 vouchers (with minimum spending of $10) for readers of the blog, for the month of November 2013. Here, we are adopting the fastest-fingers-first policy. The voucher codes are listed hereto for your consumption, if still valid, at the point of usage.

FP_Glutton16   |   FP_Glutton20   |   FP_Glutton61

No kai kai, jia jia, or whatsoever pandas were hurt in the production. They are still active and going, and we’re still rooting for panda cubs.

Click here for foodpanda’s Facebook page.
Click here for foodpanda’s website.
Click here for foodpanda’s mobile app (iOS & Android).


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