The Great Bintan Sale 2013.

From now till the end of 15 September 2013, you can purchase a short getaway to Bintan at a 60% slashed rate. Travel dates are till 15 December 2013.

Bintan Resorts.

Bintan Resorts.

I’m going to let you in on what I love about this, Great Bintan Sale.

  • After over 20 years of being a Singapore citizen, this was actually my maiden leisure trip to Bintan. This inaugural island-wide sale gives me a summary of what Bintan has to offer in terms of accommodation and activities. Both of which I was clueless about before.
  • After looking at the itinerary, I knew this would be a fuss-free and worry-free beach holiday. No planning required as this short 3D2N / 2D1N / day trip’s itinerary is taken care of, from transfers to transport to accommodation, save for some of the meals.
  • I can save up to 60% from the usual rate. As a Singaporean, please, don’t deny that you are not as interested to know more as with the Great Singapore Sale.
  • The explicitly stated prices for each resort gives me an idea of their standard and star rating. It’s a one-stop site for comparing prices.
  • I can choose the respective packages that is in line with my interest.
Relaxed Beach Holiday.

Relaxed Beach Holiday.

With just around $200 per person, you can get a good resort for your (a) Family, have some fun with local elephants, and soak in the city’s culture and daily life; (b) BFF, laugh over a ticklish massage after a mangrove discovery tour; (c) Partner, going into an in-room massage before indulging in a romantic dinner; (d) Adventure Friend, roughing it out by trekking, guided by a knowledgeable local and then enjoying a massage to loosen your muscles; (e) Golf Buddy, catching up over an 18-hole game and while on the buggy; (f) Tai-tai friend, just going across the waters for a day-trip of 90 – 100 minutes massage session and Wellness Set Lunch.

Bintan Beach Resorts.

Bintan Beach Resorts.

Few tips on traveling to Bintan.

  • Timezone: Bintan is on GMT +7. That means they are 1 hour behind Singapore.
  • Weather: Erratic. Whenever possible, it’s best to check on the weather forecast.
  • Currency: SGD and Rupiah in the resorts area. Rupiah outside of the resorts area.
  • Language: Simple English is fine, especially in the resort area.
  • Attire: It’s a beach resort!
  • Traveling Time: Ferry from Singapore – Bintan takes about 45 minutes ($50 – $60).
  • Traveling Around: Look for schedules of shuttle buses going around the resort area.
  • Costs: Expect food in the resorts to be the same as Singapore restaurants (~SGD20).
    Food outside can be as cheap as SGD1.50 per course.
  • Tipping: Not needed as like in Singapore, service charges are inclusive.
  • Socket: Same as in Singapore – 3 pin, 220 volts AC.
  • Tap Water: In Bintan Resorts hotels are potable. Not so outside of it.
  • Ferry Customs: 100ml liquid does not apply. You can bring them in your bags.
  • Additions: Bring some suntan lotion, sunglasses, and mosquito repellant.
Mocktails, a must at a Beach Resort.

Mocktails, a must at a Beach Resort.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one who loves a beach holiday where I can spend the whole time by the beach / at a cafe overlooking the waters, with a glass of mocktail and a good read. It’s like the minutes come to a standstill, nothing is moving, and you just chill. Sun shines hard on your face; sunglasses and sunblock on; you feel like king.

The Great Bintan Sale, an affordable, value-for-money getaway from the busy streets of Singapore. Guaranteed a recharge, refresh and rejuvenation.

Check out Bintan Resorts’ Facebook Page & Website for more information.
Also, check out our very personal experience at Bintan Resorts!

Photos by Kathleen.


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