Breadtalk – Launches Hello Kitty Collection.

This post is a little special, because I have a dedication to make.
This post is specially dedicated to those who were in line for the McDonald’s Hello Kitty Toys!

Breadtalk's Hello Kitty Creations.

Breadtalk’s Hello Kitty Creations.

The Hello Kitty craze has been extended, and this time round, tickling your fancy with this fictional character is non other than Breadtalk. The bakery is an exclusive partner with the Japanese Company, Sanrio (the people behind what is stirring the scene today – Hello Kitty). With their ties, fans of the Kitty can get their hands and meowths mouths on the newly-created Hello Kitty designed breads in all outlets now. Although you can’t collect and store it like you do with the toys, they are still quite an Instagram-friendly moments.

Kitty in Pink (Cake by the Slice) ($4.20) :: Besides selling whole cakes (design of the whole Hello Kitty face) priced at $42 that serves about 8 – 10 persons, Breadtalk has also prepared single slice of tiramisu cake (top row, middle piece).

Kitty in White :: $1.50

Kitty in White :: $1.50

Kitty in White / Kitty in Black ($1.50) :: Depending on your preference for white or dark chocolate, you can choose between the two donuts respectively. Okay well, or I should say, depending on your preference of the design of the donuts.

Together Forever (Cupcake Set) (Darren).

Together Forever (Cupcake Set) (Daniel).

Together Forever (Cupcake Set) (Hello Kitty).

Together Forever (Cupcake Set) (Hello Kitty).

Together Forever (Cupcake Set) ($5.80) :: But of course, Daniel and Kitty ain’t gonna separate (though I might have accidentally forced them to in the first photo). This 2 cupcakes come together, both of vanilla chiffon cakes. Daniel’s the tanned (and thus darker) one with its chocolate themed flavors – chocolate fresh cream, maltesers caramel crunchy pearls and white chocolate curls, while Hello Kitty is the white and angelic one, with its lighter tone of make-up of strawberry cream, marshmallow, and white and dark chocolate.

Lastly, they have available a Pocket Full of Berries ($2.50) in store as well. The morning sandwich is made up of fluffy buns with a stamp of the Hello Kitty face and fresh cream and strawberries. A healthy start to the morning.

BreadTalk Hello Kitty Mini Mooncakes.

BreadTalk Hello Kitty Mini Mooncakes.

If you are looking for something to add to your Hello Kitty Collection, here’s something physical you can keep and how to win it:

Purchase $6 worth of Hello Kitty products from 15 August – 1 September 2013 and stand a chance to be one of the 30 lucky winners to walk away with (1) Hello Kitty photo-taking passes and (2) Hello Kitty limited edition mooncakes.

From 7 – 19 September 2013, all Breadtalk Stores will dish out their Hello Kitty mooncakes, featuring flavors like Azuki Milk & Nuts, Chocolate Walnut, Green Tea Apricot, and Glutinous Rice Yam. Psst, they also come in a collectible Hello Kitty carrier!

The photo-taking session will take place on 7 September 2013, 2pm at Compass Point Main Atrium.

Special gratitude to Carlyn and the Sixth Sense team, and the Breadtalk team for the product tasting.

Photos by Kathleen.


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