Gelateria Italia.

Counter of Ice Cream.

Counter of Ice Cream.

No normal person (no offense meant) would be able to resist an Ice Cream Parlor, let alone one that has more than twenty flavors. Smart move, because well, you’d learn to bring more friends along to try out more flavors. I’m one who doesn’t usually go for the ‘free tastings’ of the Ice Cream, because really, Ice Cream flavors can’t go too wrong and a small lump of it can be deceiving as well. Liking a scoop of it doesn’t mean liking a cup of it.

Free Toppings.

Free Toppings.

A plus point for Gelateria Italia is its self-service counter with free toppings of rainbow sprinkles, mini marshmallows and chocolate rice. But since I like my Ice Cream pure to taste the authentic flavors, I skipped this section all together.

3 Scoops Ice Cream :: $8.90

3-Scoops Ice Cream :: $8.90

We had some lighter flavors on one cup, consisting of Soursop, Mango and Bailey’s Irish Cream. I say, don’t ever go for the Soursop. It has this weird taste attached. The Mango was pretty ordinary, with it being slightly sour. The Bailey’s Irish Cream was expectedly bitter with minimal sweetness. Not a flavor I’d want for a supposed sweet treat of Ice Cream.

3-Scoops Ice Cream :: $8.90

3-Scoops Ice Cream :: $8.90

And we had a cup dedicated to Chocolatey flavors, which includes Dark Rocher, Nutella and Cookies N Cream. The latter was disappointing as its cookies were near to non-existent and dominated with the ‘cream’ instead. The Nutella was fine but would do better with a stronger taste. With that, the Dark Rocher shone bright despite its relatively duller colors and were the flavor that won our hearts that evening. It was sufficient to satisfy a Chocolate cravings, yet not overly sweet, nor overly sickly.

A cup of single scoop Ice Cream costs $4.90, and $6.90 for an addition. I do not think it’s worthy if you just buy the single scoop, but justifiable if you go for more scoops. The Ice Cream texture is generally smooth and good. The only thing you have to worry is its flavors. Of the 6 flavors I had, I am disappointed to be only impressed by one. Maybe we chose the flavors all wrong.

It’s an Ice Cream Parlor not condemnable, but one that you need to be wary. Good thing though, at least for its outlet at Bugis+, is its luxe decor and available of seats to continue the catch-up after a meal.

Address (In Context): 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #01-07
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)


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