Little Pancakes.



Majority of the people are a fan of pancakes. That’s to the best of my knowledge. And many too, yearn to have one (or a few!) for breakfast. Little Pancakes @ Upper Thomson Road (nearest to Marymount MRT) caters to just that. Though inaccessible (for a Westie like myself), I’ve heard too much about it to give it a miss. On a particular weekend, I dragged two other willing foodies along to end the mystery of how it actually tastes, and if it’s all worth it.

Maple Syrup.

Maple Syrup Facts.

It’s a semi-service cafe. You take your own seats, and you place your own orders. However, you need not self-collect your course. Phew. So interestingly, while waiting for our little pancakes to make the appearance, the framed up poster caught our attention. Bet you didn’t know as well, Maple Syrup is actually a very nutritional and healthy liquid. Despite that, I’d think that it only applies to a genuine, good-quality one. Don’t go happy spamming Maple Syrup just yet.

Caramel Latte :: $4

Caramel Latte :: $4

Caramel Latte ($4) :: Though it has an apparent good coffee art, the Caramel Latte could have been better with a stronger Caramel taste. Otherwise, the coffee was good enough for me (note that I’m not a hardcore coffee lover). And oh, the accompanying biscuit was deliciously salted.

Going Nutella For You :: $8.20

Going Nutella For You :: $8.20

Going Nutella For You ($8.20) :: Chocolate chips, wafer cubes, almonds and a scoop of chocolate ice cream, be prepared for a sweet sweet start to your morning. The ten little pancakes are nothing spectacular and very ordinary, but that doesn’t bother me thanks to its price tag. It’s definitely edible and I have no complains.

Peanut Butter Time :: $8.20

Peanut Butter Time :: $8.20

Peanut Butter Time ($8.20) :: Once again, it is an classic example of a very simple dish that is just very hard to go wrong. Either you like it or you don’t. If you don’t, you wouldn’t have ordered it in the first place. It’s peanut butter, banana, and vanilla ice cream. These items are standard-tasting, and no excuses to say you don’t know you don’t like them, right.

So when people ask me if it’s worth it, I say yes, it’s worth it. Yes, we all know how cheap pancakes are. I’m just grateful that they haven’t gone the ‘I’m gonna jack the prices up sky high’ just because they can. Trust me, if they had started out with a dish costing about $12 – $13, everyone would still eat it. When people ask me if it’s nice, I say well, it’s passable, though for what I’ve paid for, it’s acceptable.

Little Pancakes gives a casual dining experience. The staff are young and lively. Watch out though – the cafe isn’t a big one (probably seats less than 50), and reservations aren’t taken. Head there early if you want to secure a seat.

You ought to know too, that they also have dishes like ‘All Day Breakfast Pancakes’, serving scrambled eggs, glazed sausages, potato salad and greens with pancakes, and ‘Singaporeans Unite’, serving kaya, butter and condensed milk with pancakes.

—> Note #1: All prices are nett. No service charge / GST.

Address: 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04 Thomson Imperial Court
Telephone: 6258 8515
Opening Hours: 1pm – 11pm (Mon, Wed – Fri); 11am – 11pm (Sat); 11am – 9pm (Sun); Closed on Tuesdays.


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