[GIVEAWAY] The King Louis Grill & Bar.

In this very post, you will be transported back to the Medieval times, and be crowned, served and feast like a King in just SIX (6) steps. Just you watch.

The King Louis Grill & Bar.

The King Louis Grill & Bar.

Make a reservation.

Step 1: Not only do you make a reservation, you explicitly request for a window seat, overlooking the beautiful Singapore waters, Sentosa, Resorts World Sentosa, and the cable car (taking into account that the haze has already cleared up, tyvm). I mean, everyone loves a great view over a meal, don’t they? Read on, and you’ll gain knowledge of what you can actually see, on top of the fantastic view from where you are.

Soak in the atmosphere.

Step 2: Really, The King Louis Grill & Bar is the first, and only Medieval-themed Restaurant. Many would not have noticed amidst the countless restaurants in the mall, but it’s located right at the corner of Level 3, VivoCity (where Daiso is). Usually when it’s hidden, it’s a gem (and thus the formation of the term, ‘hidden gem’).



The Knights on Guard.

The Knights on Guard.

Together with the Lion.

Together with the Lion.

I’ve always been a loyal supporter of local business, and The King Louis Grill & Bar is no exception. It is passionately opened by a local, all in the name of creating that very place for his kids to have fun while dining. I say they have succeeded in that, as can be seen by the accolade under their belt – voted Best Family Restaurant by Parents World for 2 consecutive years now. I’d understand why, because even as a grown-up myself (as much as I hate admitting), I was hugely distracted by the adornments and specially crafted wooden furnishings. Be warned. It’s heavily guarded. Be good.

Let the feast begin.

Step 3: Just as the restaurant capacity is, the menu is just as big. Take your time to peruse the menu, because trust me, you are in to be spoiled for choices. From having to decide between the different banquets, to deciding whether to have a mix of seafood + meat or just be a carnivore for the night, expect yourself to have to be decisive here.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad :: $13.80++

Teriyaki Chicken Salad :: $13.80++

Teriyaki Chicken Salad ($13.80++) :: If you’re a health-conscious person and looking to only fill your stomach with a plate of Salad, you are absolutely in the right place. Not only does the fresh garden salad + grilled chicken breast meat with teriyaki sauce + parmesan cheese complement each other, it is such a big portion there really needs some feasting.

Platter C :: $21.90++

Platter C :: $21.90++

Platter C ($21.90++) :: Whilst the above caters for the health-conscious ones, this exists for the unhealthy ones, like myself. Crispy wedges, golden calamari, prawn twisters, drumlets and banana bacon bites. I was dying the try the latter, but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day. Well from what I heard, it has received thumbs up reviews all around. Plus, banana (omg) wrapped in bacon (omg). Double omg, I can’t see how it can go wrong.

Fries :: $9.90++

Fries :: $9.90++

Fries ($9.90++) :: Don’t be fooled by its unassuming looks, I found myself munching to the fries even after a very, filling meal. And if you like your fries to go with cheese, perfect.

The Queen Victoria Banquet (2 - 3 persons) :: $108.50++

The Queen Victoria Banquet (2 – 3 persons) :: $108.50++

The Queen Victoria Banquet (2 – 3 persons) ($108.50++) :: I mean, just look at it. I daresay it’s sufficient for 5 persons to feast on. I am guessing that during the Medieval times, the Kings and Queens were all deeply-stomached soldiers. There are meat aplenty on the banquet, and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just didn’t know where to begin. In the banquets, the people behind it are very thoughtful. On one side of the banquet sits (a) a pasture of greens, ready to open up your palate and start you off. On the other side sits (b) an abundance of carbohydrates, and in this case, roasted potatoes. That should serve as a complementary dish to your (c) mains, which consists of Roasted Beef, Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Pan-seared Snapper, Oven-baked King Prawns and Sautéed Scallops.

While the Snapper fell short, I especially love the Roasted Beef and the Sautéed Scallops. The Roasted Beef, done to your preference, is blanketed with my favorite, Black Pepper Sauce. Being very particular with my beef, I’m glad they’ve aced it – the appropriate toughness while retaining a slightly gamey smell. I thought the Scallops drizzled in garlic and wine sauce were interesting. The very substantial scallops with a slight alcohol touch to it spiced things up well. To end the banquet proper, (d) apples were readily available to wash up your palate.  A complete meal, there you go.

Besides the dinner menu, you can expect Kids Meal (in conjunction with the purpose of the set up of the restaurant), and also a Lunch Express Menu (inclusive of Soup + Main Course+ Ice Cream + Drink), starting from just an affordable $10.50++.

Enjoy the live band.

Step 4: For 6 days a week, Joel, the resident performer of the restaurant, will be entertaining diners from 6pm – 9pm with your favorite songs. And if you are in love with his angelic voice, you are more than welcomed to adjourn to Queens Dessert Cafe Bistro, just a couple of minutes walk away (located at the Sentosa Boardwalk), as Joel will continue his night of performance there till late.

Witness the fireworks display.

Step 5: Remember that at Step 1, I had you make a reservation to ask for window seats? This, is the purpose. Every Saturday at 8pm, from where you are seated, you can witness a fireworks display from Resorts World Sentosa (Lake Hollywood Spectacular). Well, take it as a celebratory one, for whatever reason – that your kingdom has flourished for a century now, that you have just deservedly fought and won a war.

Win a $50 dining voucher and maybe treat your knights to a banquet.

WHAT: FIVE (5) sets of 1 x $50 Dining Voucher (The King Louis Grill & Bar) + 2 x Free Gourmet Coffee (Queens Dessert Cafe Bistro).

HOW: (1) Share the stickied post of The King Louis Grill & Bar on The Chosen Glutton’s Facebook Page.
(2) Send an email to cheeqy@hotmail.com. That serves as a mode of communication, in the event that you are selected as a winner. (Optional if you can remember to check the list of winners on Facebook.)
(3) Comment on the post itself. That allows me to accurately compile a list of people who have shared.
(4) Refer a friend to share: If a person shares and comments, ‘referred by ____’, the referrer receives an additional ticket per refer, and thus stands a higher chance of winning the voucher during the lucky draw at the end.

Giveaway ends 29th June 2013, 23:59. Winners will be announced on The Chosen Glutton Facebook Page. Each person is only eligible for 1 winning ticket.

Special gratitude to Danielle and the Quantum Group team for the hospitality and hosting the invited tasting event.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A
Telephone: 6276 0862
Click here for The King Louis Grill & Bar Website.
Click here for The King Louis Grill & Bar’s Facebook Page.
Click here for The King Louis Grill & Bar’s Instagram Page.
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Sun – Thurs); 12pm – 11pm (Fri – Sat & Eve of PHs)


11 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] The King Louis Grill & Bar.

  1. LIKED AND SHARED The Chosen Glutton | Singapore’s Food Blog ! HOPE TO win the voucher so that i can have a good feast with my family members ! like i always feel, good food are always worth gaining that pinch of fats because they always leave an unforgettable feeling in our taste bud !

  2. I love, love, love The King Louis!!! The last time I was there, there was this guy singer singing super nice live music. He’s really charismatic!~~ I love the view too, you can actually see the lovely beautiful sunset around 6plus. GORGEOUS. And service is actually good. Waiter/resses smile a lot. The food of course, is impeccable. Meat <3

  3. Love their pork ribs n Victoria Banquet. Make us feel like King n Queen dining in big feast. I wan to go back again

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