Taiwan Beer – Launches 2 New Flavors.

To be bluntly honest, I’ve never been much of a drinker. No alcohol for me, mainly because well, I don’t find that they taste as good as Iced Chocolate. And also, they give me an immediate natural blush(er). So when I was invited to give a go at the Taiwan Beer, I was hesitant and skeptical.

Before we dive into the Taiwan Beer, since we’re at the topic, here’s a (very) common misapprehension.

Alcohol Flush / Asian Flush (face / body turning red) is actually UNhealthy? To not bore you with the medical terms, it is generally because your body has an enzyme that efficiently converts the alcohol into this byproduct. This byproduct causes the reddening. So no, it’s not because that you ‘have good blood circulation’.
Further, having this flush makes you possess about 6 – 10 times the risk of developing oesophageal cancer.

So if you get red very easily, really, stop drinking (at least as much). I find that applies only to hard liquors, or liquid with relatively higher alcohol content. Thankfully, when I drank the Taiwan Beer, nothing of the above sorts occurred.

Taiwan Beer.

Taiwan Beer.

Taiwan Beer, imported from well, Taiwan, is a state-owned Beer brand. That said, it means a lot of emphasis is placed on the Beer – from developing its flavors to suit the mass, to recruiting the top-class ambassadors. If you haven’t already know, Chris Wang and Ivy Chen are the chosen ones. Taiwan Beer has remained the top-selling Beer in Taiwan for a long time, and I’d understand why.

Basically, the Taiwan Beer has 3 series of beers. (1) The usual suspect: Lager Beer, (2) Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series, and (3) Sweet Touch Series. I say there with all the series, everyone is duly catered to.

Taiwan Lager Beer.

Taiwan Lager Beer :: $2.95.

(1) Taiwan Lager Beer ($2.95) :: If you are serious beer drinker, this would be apt for you. More toward the bitter side, I find that it is still relatively easy to drink. It is available in both bottle and can. Alcohol Content: 5%

Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series :: $3.90

Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series :: $3.90

(2) Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series ($3.90) :: Retailing at a more than reasonable price of $3.90, this series of beer is brewed with the intention for the MEN‘s consumption. The Fruit Beer Series comes in 4 different flavors – Grape, Orange, Mango and Pineapple. Of them, the first 2 are newly launched just at the BeerFest Asia 2013. Other than it being an easy-to-drink Fruit Beer, it is also significant in the way that it is made with genuine fruit juice (makes up to at least 5% of the beer). Because of the infused real fruit juice, the beverage has actually been fermented twice. Compared to all three series of beer, this is the one in the middle – a good mix; good smell of the fruit, but still leaving quite some taste of beer. I also like the fact that the fruits are chosen mainly to help out the locals (in Taiwan) with their cultivations. With the involvement of the fruits, the farmers now have a whole lot more business.

My favorite of the four has to be the Grape Fruit Beer. I thought it had a complementary flavor of beer + red wine weaved together. It was much enjoyable. Alcohol Content: 2.8%

Sweet Touch Series.

Sweet Touch Series :: $3.90

Sweet Touch Series ($3.90) :: On the other side of the can, comes the Sweet Touch Series, specially carved for the LADIES. Notwithstanding that, I wholly enjoyed the series. I say it’s a brand that leaves your spoiled for choices, what with Lychee, Green Apple and White Grape available for this.

My favorite is the Green Apple Fruit Beer for this, even though the Lychee flavored one sells better. The Green Apple is distinctive in both its smell and taste, and that’s what makes it the apple of my eye. Alcohol Content: 3.5%

In addition, Taiwan Beer does sponsorships. If you are having any events, you might want to contact them at taiwanbeer@kaimay.com.sg. I know I will be heading to purchase Taiwan Beer at local supermarkets regardless. The usual beer isn’t my cup of tea – fruit beer is.

Click here for a laugh at the Taiwan Beer Advertisement.

Special gratitude to Tachi and the Kaimay team, and the BeerFest Asia 2013 team for the hospitality and hosting the invited tasting event.

Photos by Kathleen.


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