The Rotisserie.

En Route to Rochester Mall (Photo by Kathleen).

En Route to Rochester Mall (Photo by Kathleen).

I have always loved this corner of Buona Vista, the secluded corner. I had a half a mind to blog about it, because really, you can try asking how many of your friends know where Rochester Mall is. Maybe just a mere 20% adventurous ones would know. It’s good that it stays that way because then, you can be less worried about getting seats there. It’s quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, unlike what you get in Holland Village or at The Star Vista. It was a beautiful day, and well, the walk there can be a walk to remember with your significant other half. Just sayin’!

Rochester Mall.

Rochester Mall.

So no. If you did not see this, you’re at the wrong place. Rochester Mall is right beside the main entrance into Rochester Park. Contrary to popular belief, Rochester Mall does not equate to The Star Vista. Another thing I like about this place is its readily available dessert boutique + proper mains dining restaurants. A one stop shop.

The Rotisserie is one of those you can dine casually. It’s similar to a fast-food chain, where you order straight at the cashier. You would then take your vibrating paging system back to your (self-selected alfresco / indoor) seats and wait for your pager to sound. Whilst waiting, pick up a glass or two of water from the side. And complete it with your choice of condiments.



Drinks :: Our drinks came first, reasonably so. We had Iced Chocolate, Peach Smoothie and Caramel Coffee. I feel compelled to ask diners to avoid their drinks. Their Iced Chocolate was ordinary, nothing harmful. I had the Caramel Coffee and it was really quite bad. It was bitter, not the coffee bitter, but more of the burnt caramel bitter. It was that bad I only had a fifth of it, coming from a person not all that particular with his drinks. The Peach Smoothie had the typical soap / handwash liquid kind of taste. Drinks range from around $4.50 – $6.00.

Pork Knuckle (Half) :: $18

Pork Knuckle (Half) :: $18

Pork Knuckle (Half) ($18) :: You can opt for it to come with either salad, vegetables or chips. Not being a fan of greens, I had the latter, of course. The fries are pretty good, the kind I like – thin, slightly crispy, adequately and well-salted. The Pork Knuckle was a semi-hit, semi-miss situation. While the meat was tender and very easy on the mouth, it was slightly gamey (I like my lamb and beef gamey, not pork), and its skin was the most absurd. It was anything but crispy. It was dry, dull and lackluster. It’s ‘lao hong‘ to the extend that you can’t fully sink your teeth in.

Quarter Roasted Chicken :: $11.50

Quarter Roasted Chicken :: $11.50

Quarter Roasted Chicken ($11.50) :: Similarly, sides comes with it. Its chicken, their signature dish, fortunately, delivered. Marinated for 12 hours with the restaurant’s in-house concoction, and roasted to perfection, I thought this dish was the only one that shone. Even at its breast parts where the meat tends to be drier and tougher, they turned it around and I was fine even with those parts. Commendable.

I don’t mind heading back. But I know if I were to be back, I would only be having their Roasted Chicken and nothing else. I like the ambience. A relatively laid back environment with some 90s – 00s music playing.

Address (In Context): 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall @ Buona Vista, #01-06/07
Telephone: 6570 1448
Opening Hours: 7am – 10pm (Daily)


2 thoughts on “The Rotisserie.

  1. I like this cafe.. esp when the weather is good and I can sit outside with friends.. very laidback kind of feel..
    Try the fish next time, its quite okay..

  2. Nice photos of the food!
    I guess the food is still quite affordable compared to those around the area.
    In particular, the Quarter Roasted Chicken looks like a must-try.

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