Epilogue Café.

Trying to contain a portion of my geekiness, I have actually harbored the thoughts of patronizing Epilogue Café for quite some time now, and only bringing it up when the right time strikes. Located inside of { prologue } Bookstore at Level 4, Orchard ION, it is probably a hideout for geeks and bookworms alike, who are looking for reasonable food at reasonable prices, and at a conducive environment to get sucked into the books.



I love the setting. A whole full shelf of books. Wooden furnishings for a complete library feel. Though it’s not library-quiet, it is considerably tranquil in the bustling ION Orchard.

Spend $25 and above in a single receipt to bring home a free book (off the cafe’s shelves).
Pick one and proceed to the counter for checking out. No strings attached.

I understand that many have been yearning for a chance to eat and drink in a library setting – this is just about the closest you will get. You can get the window seat too, overlooking the busy streets down below.



I thought this is an apt dining location if you are in town, don’t want to spend a bomb on restaurants, and not on the crazily overpriced food court as well, mainly because they serve sandwiches and a small range of main courses at around $10.50, on an average. Personally, I would choose to come here than the basement food court any day. More peace, more enjoyment of food.

French Hot Chocolate :: $6.50

French Hot Chocolate :: $6.50

French Hot Chocolate ($6.50) :: Effort was put in for the coffee art, which I appreciate. This rendition of Hot Chocolate is not your everyday cup of the same. Depending on your preference, this cup is only mildly sweet. You can almost distinctly taste the cocoa. Slightly more milky. Smooth texture.

Peanut Chicken Sandwich :: $10.50

Peanut Chicken Sandwich :: $10.50

Peanut Chicken Sandwich ($10.50) :: First bite in and I already fell in love with its Mediterranean Panini Bread. I love its smartly toasted outside, and its naturally sweet taste. Matched with the very local peanut chicken, it is one of the few sandwiches I really don’t mind having (keeping in mind I am totally not a sandwich person). All sandwiches comes with mixed greens salad and chips.

Mushroom Mac & Cheese :: $9

Baked Mushroom Mac & Cheese :: $9

Baked Mushroom Mac & Cheese ($9) :: I thought the baked cheese blanketing the macaroni was perfectly done. Thick. Flavorful. Not cloying like many others. If you are a fan of mushrooms and cheese, go for this.

Tea-flavored Macarons :: $2.50

Tea-flavored Macarons :: $2.50

Tea-flavored Macarons ($2.50) :: I was very skeptical at first, because well, macarons aren’t an easy dessert piece to perfect. Not especially at a café. I had a go, nevertheless, at their Chamomile and Chai flavored ones. The former didn’t make much of an impression as I couldn’t really make out the Chamomile flavor. The latter however, had a more distinct taste. Flavors aside, their macaron shells match my expectation and liking. Not crumbly, and tough enough to withstand a couple more chews. Worth it.

—> Note #1: Prices stated are net. No GST and service charge.

—> Note #2: POPULAR bookstore members are entitled to a 10% discount (upon showing of membership card).

—> Note #3: Even though it’s not halal-certified, they do not have pork served.

Address (In Context): 2 Orchard Turn, #04-16 ION Orchard
Telephone: 6509 8627
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10pm (Daily)


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