Australian Dairy Company (Hong Kong).

No no, yes, yes, I did get it right. Australian Dairy Co. is a Hong Kong cafe / cha chaan teng. Fortunately for me, it was right across the street from where my hotel was whilst there. Just a 5 – 10 minutes walk from Jordan MTR Station, its big-ass signboard with black lettering on a light background stands out pretty well amidst the gray. If you really can’t find it, well, just spot a never-ending queue somewhere along Parkes Street. I had to change my itinerary up a little because I had initially planned for breakfast here on a weekend morning. Little did I know that this is a crazy popular breakfast spot, and the number of people in line was scary, to say the least. At least more than 30 of them. Weekday was slightly better, though the queue was still present – just shorter. And it was very fast-moving as well. You’d know why it was so – they act so fast in the cafe that one would feel pressured to eat fast as well. Being a person who likes to slowly savor his food, that part was quite a put off.

Iced Milk Tea.

Iced Milk Tea.

For its breakfast set at HKD28 (Milk Tea + Macaroni + Toast + Eggs), you are free to opt for either the hot or iced milk tea (iced version is just negligibly pricier). I don’t know about the hot rendition, but the iced milk tea was impressive. Packed full of Taiwan’s standard, it was thick enough even iced, and I could still taste the essence of the tea. Excellent.

Macaroni Soup with Ham Slices.

Macaroni Soup with Ham Slices.

If I had a choice, I would do away with this. Firstly, macaroni isn’t my thing. Secondly, soupy items aren’t my thing. Thirdly, it’s bland if taken without the ham slices. I struggled to finish as much of this as I could. So if you’re good with their country’s language, and have time to look through the menu, you might want to order ala-carte to skip this item, if you deem worthy.

Toast with Scrambled Eggs.

Toast with Scrambled Eggs.

When I was first told of this cafe, I was told their Scrambled Eggs is a must try. I thought to myself, no kidding, scrambled eggs, such a westernised dish, to be tried in a Hong Kong cafe? Well, once again, the little birdie had her information right. Forget about the toast, the scrambled eggs were perfect, cooked to my preferred style – not too runny, adequately salted, milky and creamy. It is so hard to find such good scrambled eggs in Singapore. You have the liberty to ask for fried egg as well.

Steamed Egg White Pudding with Milk.

Steamed Egg White Pudding with Milk.

Available in original and almond flavor, their Steamed Egg White Pudding with Milk is one hell of a star dish. People queue either for this, or its Scrambled Egg. I’m no guru in puddings like this – all I know is my palate is receptive to it. Since they are all stocked and readied with it, why not just grab one and try.

I love most of their food. Again, I don’t expect any service in Hong Kong. Ambience is definitely not their strong suit. None at all, and be ready to share your already tiny table with some strangers in the line, yes. Imagine a small, very, busy coffee shop – yes, that. I don’t like the feeling of being hurried. But for its signature dishes, I would recommend, and wouldn’t mind returning.

Address: 47 – 49 Parkes Street (near Jordan MTR Station)
Telephone: +852-2730-1356
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 11pm


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