Tsim Chai Kee Noodle (Hong Kong).

In this series of posts, you will get my take on the rivalry between Tsim Chai Kee Noodle and its competitor, Mak’s Noodle, both located along Wellington Street, directly facing each other – head on. Don’t bother about making yourself comfortable here – with land space being a big issue in Hong Kong, many places in the country proves its point. Well, for one, you’re in for an intimate dining session.



We were as taken aback when we saw the drastic difference in price tags (as compared to Mak’s Noodle). Granted though, they have a smaller menu. But heck, as a tourist, I only cared to give their wonton noodles a go. And for just HKD22 / approximately SGD4, you can a bigger bowl of wonton noodles. An all, different style as from its rival across the street.

Wonton Noodles in Soup :: HKD22

Wonton Noodles in Soup :: HKD22

Wonton Noodles in Soup (HKD22) :: Let’s break it down. The noodles. Thin too, though losing a little to its neighbor from across. The soup. Not as impressive. It tasted rawer than that of its competitor, making its noodles taste that as well. Its raw taste probably came from the noodles. The wonton. Ah, this this round, Tsim Chai Kee Noodle won. Their wonton is bigger, better and tastier, and it was unanimously agreed on. Also, they triumph in terms of portion. But as my dining companion said, ‘both aren’t bad, this might seem pretty bad, only because we just came from Mak’s Noodle’.

You can decide for yourself after reading my take on both of the famous wonton noodles in Hong Kong, Mak’s Noodles and Tsim Chai Kee Noodle. It really depends on where your priority lies. For me, I’m skewing more toward Mak’s Noodles, for the sheer perfection on its soup base.

Address: 98 Wellington Street (near Central MTR Station)
Telephone: +852 2850 6471


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