Stoone Ice Candy.

Yet another local establishment that I am proud of. This time round, even more so because they brought out the little child in me; they made me relive the good ol’ carefree childhood times. Except, a little smarter with handling the food now. Ice Candy (also known as ‘bing bang‘). The then, bars of differently colored flavored ice you can get from the neighborhood mama shop. I’m quite positive that you are still able to get them nowadays, though less commonly. Now, you are able to obtain them from Stoone. Its physical store just located off Bugis, it’s a strategic location to be selling these Ice Candies amidst the busy streets of Bugis.

Stoone Ice Candies. Sealed & Delivered.

Stoone Ice Candies. Sealed & Delivered.

Stoone Ice Candies.

Stoone Ice Candies.

As of now, they have a selection of 6 innovative flavors. I have 2 personal favorites. No prizes for guessing it right – the Chocolate with Walnut one being one of them. No, it’s not only that it’s of a chocolate flavor, but its thickness + non-cloying is unprecedented. The very wholesome chocolate leaves one yearning for more, like myself. I thought I’d love their Classic Mojito more, but I was surprised to fall in love with the Pear with Aloe Vera Pulp one instead. The latter gives the thirst-quenching, adequately mildly sweet + small chunks of bite-sized aloe vera pulp combination. I say the level of sweetness was perfected. The former didn’t quite meet my expectation. But you ought to know though, that I had high ones for that flavor (because the cocktail itself is one of my favorites). It’s very much a replica of a Mojito Mocktail (though I wouldn’t deny that making it a Mojito Cocktail would be ahhh-mazing, but a whole new level by itself).

They also offer Sour Plum (which my mother adores, which my sister and I preferred leaving the sourness to her), Golden Rootbeer, and Peppermint Herb Tea. All of which, ultimately, depends on your palate’s preference, I guess. Mine tends to sway toward the safe side.

Stoone Ice Candies.

Stoone Ice Candies.

What is remarkable about this new partial-invention is, not only is it refreshing for a country like the equatorial Singapore, you are also able to get it anywhere in Singapore. Even though its store is located in the heart of town, they do delivery too! At a standard price of $2 a pop, you can have it delivered to your birthday party, children’s party, picnic (oh, they’ve got it covered by packing it in cooler bag with dry ice) or BBQ. It can be sent as a gift too (gift message allowed). Delivery charge is at $10. Minimum order is marked at $10 as well.

Forget about comparing the prices a decade ago and now. Keep calm and have a pop before judging. You will be impressed. Oh, did I mention, that their website has one of the best designs I’ve seen? Sleek, baby.

Special gratitude to Daz and the Stoone team for the delivery and invited tasting.

Address: EFL4-1, 4 New Bugis Street
Photos by Kathleen.


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