KU DÉ TA @ Marina Bay Sands.

More photos, less talk this post. No comments on the food indicates it being nondescript. KU DÉ TA has always been portrayed as this posh establishment atop the three branches of Marina Bay Sands hotel building. So a trip planned to the restaurant put me in a state of level-57 sky high anticipation.



Besides having the ordinary Brunch, you can opt for Cocktail or some bubbly brunch. Flip the page and you shall be rewarded with a list or two of items off the kitchen, prepared with order. With a few of us present, we had the luxury to order almost one of each from the menu.

Classic Benedict.

‘Inspired’ Waffle.

Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant.

I quite like their rendition of Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant. The croissant was buttery to my liking, very soft and light, though its complements weren’t impressive. Worth the share amongst the group.

Steak & Eggs.

For the price that we are paying, I would expect more from its steak. The meat was tough and more than lackluster. I had expected myself to order more than a set of steak to the table, but was put away by the disappointment.

Black Angus Steak Hash.

I didn’t like the Steak Hash. Taste was funky. Well it is supposed to be slow cooked in its own juices, but I did not get that part at all. I don’t know how the ‘juices’ come about, but I do know they don’t go well in any case.


Grilled Red Snapper Fillet.

One of the finest items off the ala-carte menu is the Grilled Red Snapper Fillet. It was well-marinated and not the excessively dry kind of fish meat. If not for my stomach not cooperating, I would have ordered a second serving.

Panko Crusted Chicken Schnitzel.

The chicken dish was prepared to a commonplace taste. Don’t be deceived by its look, it comes in quite a generous portion you might have a hard time finishing it.

Pan-Seared Foie Gras.

As worthy as it might seem from the above photo, it actually was a major disappointment. Being a huge foie gras fan, somehow, this did not taste like an authentic foie gras. Or maybe it was just plainly low quality to that extent. Similarly, I was expecting myself to have multiple orders of the Pan-Seared Foie Gras, but unfortunately not.

Green Curry – Prawn.

It came much to my surprise that I adore this dish. Just the right level of spiciness, this bowl of Fragrant Green Curry (Prawn) is definitely not the kind where you drink it right down. It’s actually noticeably grainy and thick. Just a spoonful of taste or two would suffice the enjoyment.

Be warned on the Braised Shiitake Mushroom – they are actually pretty alright. But each portion comes with about 7 – 8 pieces of them. My dining partners and I did not know, and ordered a portion each. It turned out to be a torture. Hah.

Now onto the appetisers and spread readily available upon the seating.

Salad Sides.

Salad Counter: Jellyfish Salad, Steamed Vegetables, Potato Salad.

Soba Counter.

Bread & Pastries Counter.

Love the bread counter. I’ve always loved the dough of flour. Looking at just the spread of spreads (eh, eh) and pastries just excites me. Had an overdose (I admit) of the Chocolate Croissant.

Cheese Counter.

Cold Cut Counter.

Cold Cut Counter.

T’was alright. It fell a little short – not the freshest, but edible.

Dessert Counter.

A relatively extensive counter of desserts offered. Nothing particular stood out.

Tea Selection.

So we were there from 10am – 3pm. Towards the end, my dining partners and I were more or less just lazing around, sipping tea over (lame) conversations. We had about 4 different pots of tea, and I must say, I am impressed with their selection. They have slightly more than 10 different flavors to suit your palate. And if you are up for your own tea pairing, you should be able to do it just fine. If you’re more of the Smoothie kind of person, I’ve tried it all too. Go for the Coco Lychee Smoothie, trust me.

Verdict? Service was prompt and all, but by now, you should have felt the vibe. Food was generally agreed upon, but nothing spectacular to yell about. Most dishes were forgettable. I understand though, that it might not be all too worth it. I mean, nowadays, Brunch Buffet costs more than a Dinner Buffet, come’on. So well, a complain might not be all that reasonable after all. For its locality, its relatively acceptable range of food offered and its brand name, I don’t feel too bad after the meal. It’s about the experience, though sure, it has room for improvement. I do hope that they’ll be brushing up the menu with time.

—> Note #1: Brunch is only available on weekends. Weekend Brunch is from 10am – 3pm.

—> Note #2: It is best to make a reservation. You will never know, though it wasn’t completely filled when we were there, it was considerably crowded.

—> Note #3: Toilet is conveniently located within the restaurant – head down the steps right beside the entrance.

Address: 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Skypark
Telephone: 6688 7688


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