Ji De Chi.

Directly translated into ‘Remember to Eat’ in English, the Chinese Dessert Boutique is easily available in malls – Jurong Point & Plaza Singapura. The other outlet’s at Liang Seah Street, just across the street from Bugis Junction. All of a sudden of late (these few months), these kind of Chinese / Hong Kong dessert stores have become widely popular, populating almost each corner of the shopping malls and streets. What I like about them is its accessibility to every day life, and potentially satisfying and affordable desserts for everyone (just because they have quite an extensive list of desserts).


Durian Cold Cake :: $4.50

Mango Cold Cake :: $4.50

(Durian) (Mango) Cold Cake ($4.50 each) :: Please do not try this at home Ji De Chi. The cake is sticky, and just does not taste right. The respective flavors were artificial too. As evident from the photos, they are way too ready-made for it to taste good.

Mango in Sticky Rice :: $4.80

Mango in Sticky Rice ($4.80) :: It is in no way the Thai dessert’s sticky rice. This sticky rice just means thick, flavorless flour covered with coconut flakes. The skin of the wrap was so thick you could barely taste the cube of mango. Wait, maybe it was because the mango wasn’t that sweet to begin with too.

Sesame Paste :: $3.30

Sesame Paste ($3.30) :: I’m not a Chinese food person, but I quite like their rendition of Sesame Paste. Strong taste, but just the right amount of condiments.

Durian with Pomelo Sago :: $6.50

Durian with Pomelo Sago ($6.50) :: This is one of the two items that draws me back to Ji De Chi every other time I am in Jurong Point. Durian puree. Quality check. Genuine durian. Quality check. Portion. Check. Well I can’t ask for more. It’s heaven, oh heaven!

Durian Shaved Ice :: $6.50

Durian Shaved Ice ($6.50) :: This is the other item mentioned above. Depending on my palate’s mood, I’ll pick this over the above when I want a more balanced dessert, some ice, some durian ice, some durian. If I were to be craving badly for durian, I’d get the above. Hard core durian combination. Thicker and heavier durian content. Not for the faint-hearteds.

No GST. No service charge.
You order by filling up a form available at each table and handing it to the waitperson. That simple. If you’re a durian fan, here’s a place for a cheap fix.

Address (In Context): 63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point, #03-102/103/104 (New Wing)
Telephone: 6794 8887
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Daily)


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