The Coffee Daily.

I would not have been to this sequestered spot if not for our specific pursuance of Sun Ray Cafe. Because they are only (almost) side by side, that makes Sun Ray Cafe nowhere better in terms of accessibility. Presenting itself as simple, white, and retro at the same time, we were drawn to this seemingly perfect location for an indulgence in a cuppa’ hot beverage or two, while letting our hair down. True enough, the ambience and environment was pretty ideal, a treat for the eyes.



One of the seats offered.

Sugar Sachets.

White and brown, mainly. Interesting posters around the cafe. The furnishing aren’t all status-quo in the joint, a series of retro-looking, some uncomplicated-looking ones, you pick your own seats before heading over to the counter to place an order. Or for us, we did the reverse, since we were convince that we were able to get some seats even if we order first. Oh yes, we are proud that we did away with the kiasu attitude here, at the very least.

Service was pretty warm, just like most small cafeterias and outlets. They get personal and have spare time to interact with patrons. We joked a little, we chatted a little. All was well.

Counter of Desserts.

Caramel Mousse :: $5.50

Caramel Mousse ($5.50) :: For a small cafe like The Coffee Daily, they have quite an comprehensive list of cake selections (about 13 of them). Disappointingly, the caramel punch wasn’t there for this. I believe in having an almost overpowering taste to any cakes / ice creams with caramel or salted caramel flavors. Because if patrons order it, they must have been prepared for the intense taste. But oh wells. I quite love the texture of it. Not the crumbly soft kind, but averagely resistant when slicing through it, yet it semi-melts in your mouth. It’d be perfect for me if it has a stronger taste to it.

Waffle with 2 Scoops of Ice Cream :: $6.90 + $2.50

Waffle with 2 Scoops of Ice Cream ($6.90 + $2.50) :: With a single scoop, it is just $6.90. They have a range of about 7 – 8 flavors. Ranging from dark chocolate to green tea, to ones with brownies. I must applaud for its larger-than-usual portion of ice cream, but taste was undistinguished. It is either my palate had some problem that night, or it is really the problem. Its respective taste, once again, wasn’t substantial enough. What a waste.

Coffee Art.

Coffee Art.

Hot Chocolate :: $4.90

Hot Chocolate ($4.90) :: Hot Chocolate was mediocre. I did not try their coffee, my dining partners did. I only hope that it is better than the Chocolate beverage. But its coffee art is praiseworthy. It is pretty precise and detailed as compared to most others. What’s cute is it comes with a biscuit, like ones you get in airplanes.

It might stand a chance of revisit if it’s in a more getatable location. (Proper) Parking can prove to be a challenge.

Address: 75 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Garden Estate
Telephone: 6284 8894
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon – Thurs); 9.30m – 11.30pm (Fri – Sat); 9.30am – 10.30pm (Sun)


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