Crystal Jade Golden Palace.

This post is in dedication to my friends whom I’ve known for the longest, 13 years and counting. J, S, K, and N (& Z and XH who were not there). It’s a blessing that we are still in contact (considerably frequently) after so long.

I was in search of a comfortable dining place for dim sum (straying away from famous places like Swee Choon and Wen Dao Shi), I came across Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon. Not only is it conveniently located in the heart of town, I learned that it promises a posh environment while indulging in the dim sum. To me, that is a great plus. No perspiration, no smokey air, no excessive noise pollution. It took me longer than usual to get there eventually because of its limited timing for dim sum. It is only available on weekends, from 11am – 3pm.


High ceiling. Black sleek interior. It’s walking into another world after the extended entrance at the restaurant. Service was impeccable. I guess it was just our luck to have the manager serve our table. He is the role model of attention to detail (noticing a spill and covering it up with an additional cloth), the speedy and not clingy waitstaff, the one, as one of my dining companions claimed, ‘whom appears as needed and disappears without bothering’.

Dim Sum here can be catered accordingly to however many people you have at the table. Simply request, and it can be done. An average price for a steamer basket / plate is $4 – $5. It is reasonable with the ambience and service we’ve received, and more so with the quality of the courses. Though some are nothing to yell about, they are usually at least acceptable. Not going into each item, here’s what I had and listed in merits.

Custard Bun.

Char Siew Puff.

Roasted Pork.

Century Egg Porridge with Lean Meat.

Silver Fish.

Chee Cheong Fan.

Prawn Dumpling.

Xiao Long Bao.

In a nutshell, even the lowest listed item isn’t bad-tasting. It’s just (1) I’m not a fan of xiao long bao (2) their rendition is not prevailing enough for me to have a change opinion. If you aren’t looking for somewhere with memorable and remarkable food, but just a good location with acceptable food, Crystal Jade Golden Palace is a good option. What more, you can go shopping at the all so famous shopping belt in Singapore thereafter.

Make a reservation in advance. I made mine the day before and it wasn’t enough to secure a favored timing.

Address: 290 Orchard Road, #05 – 21/24 Paragon
Telephone: 6734 6866
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Daily); 11am – 3pm (Dim Sum from Sat – Sun)


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