Club Street Social.


Ever since work started in the Tanjong Pagar precinct, attempts to hunt for restaurants and cafes in that radius have increased exponentially. Club Street Social is housed just off the end of Club Street, opposite China Square Central. Excellent spot for a weekend brunch, in my opinion. Not the busiest place to be in for a relaxing breakfast / brunch.


If you were in my position when I was there (next in line for a table), they will offer for you to wait at their bar area (left of above picture). Take a look at the menu. Order a drink or two while waiting. Catch up with your pal.

Bacon & Egg Panini :: $14++

Bacon & Egg Panini ($14++) :: How wrong can bacon and egg go, right. The Italian Sandwich is toasted to the appropriate degree. Crispy on the surface, and not too tough when bitten. As a package, the panini presents itself as very flavorful. For a non-sandwich lover, I quite love this dish.

Scrambled Eggs (with added Portobello Mushroom) :: ($12 + 4)++

Scrambled Eggs (with added Portobello Mushroom) (($12 + $4)++) :: Additional sides are offered. For the Mushroom, it comes at an extra of $4 before taxes. It would probably be a wise choice to top something up, because the scrambled eggs and toasts alone aren’t gonna fill your stomach. Favorite part of this dish, bingo, its relatively runny scrambled eggs. I love, love, love it. Well flavored too. It’s a rare occasion that I get to taste such perfect scrambled eggs. Two thumbs up!

Truffle Toast :: $14++

Truffle Toast ($14++) :: One bite in and the taste of truffle was permanently trapped in my palate throughout the entire meal. It was an overdose of truffle oil, but I ain’t complaining here. It’s a wonder, and again, it’s pretty perfectly done. Very softly toasted. The only downside is, it isn’t filling, especially for a (still) growing guy like myself. Looking at the photo myself, I can still feel the lingering taste of truffle in my mouth. Mmm Mmm.

Service was surprisingly good, taking into consideration the common look on waitstaff when the majority of the patrons are expats / tai-tais. Wait no longer, pick a day now and head down with your friend for some catch-up.

–> Note #1: They offer free wifi!

—> Note #2: They do not take reservations. Probably because they can only seat about 20 – 30 pax.

–> Note #3: Breakfast Menu is available all-day.

Address: 5 Gemmill Lane, #01-01
Telephone: 6225 5043
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon – Fri); 9am – 10.30pm (Sat); 9am – 9pm (Sun)


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