Thanks to Rozz from 987FM’s makan recommendation, my colleagues and I decided to hit this place immediately after hearing this super value for money restaurant / bar at the heart of town, Orchard Central, Somerset – Tanuki.


Display (of Oysters).

So you must be thinking, what drew us there in such a short notice. Brace yourself – it’s the Daily $1 Oysters Deal. The deal goes as such – with every martini / cocktail ($10++ / $11++ respectively) bought, you’re entitled to ordering a dozen of oysters for $1 a pop.

Oysters :: $1+

Oysters ($1+) :: A reasonable man must be thinking that the oysters served will not be fresh, considering the price paid. Well, you are wrong. They are one of the freshest I’ve sucked out of the shells in Singapore. They’re sure of quality and standard, not ones you get in a cheap International Buffet. As extracted off Rozz’s post on the restaurant bar:

As the owner of the place, I can assure you that the reason why they’re (oysters) cheap is because we’re actually losing $$$ on each oyster (but then making it back on the drinks – loss leader for the win!). It took us a while to find suppliers that can provide us good oysters on a regular basis.

Read it. Try it and believe it for yourself. So you’re a non-drinker, psh, find a drinker and go. No excuses.

Tori Karaage (Chicken Nugget) :: $10+

Tori Karaage (Chicken Nugget) ($10+) :: So we were asking the waitperson if the nuggets are any different from the usual ones, she said, though not the most confidently, ‘yes, the taste’. It isn’t the clearest answer of all, but we went ahead and gave it a go. As my dining partner said, ‘when she said the taste is different, it really is. It’s more tasteless’. It was agreed unanimously.

California Don :: $16+

California Don ($16+) :: Think California Roll turn Rice Bowl, you get California Don. With the rice bowl’s surface covered with cucumber, avocado and crab meat, I was thoroughly savoring every grain in this delectable course. It was refreshing, fresh and light. Even though it wasn’t the most filling dish, it’s worth it. Leave some space for the oysters + drinks.

The Drinks + Oysters Offer is only offered from 5pm – 8pm, daily. It’s the Happy Hour. Please do make a reservation, as they can only seat about 35 diners indoors and 45 outdoors (where smoking is allowed).

Service can be doubtful at times. We’ve received absolutely good service, and a mediocre one, on the same night. So, let your luck decide who you get. But I’m definitely going back, for the oysters are calling my name every moment now.

—> Note #1: Orders made after 7pm is entitled to 10% off if paid with a Citibank Card.

—> Note #2: GST is waived. 10% service charge is chargeable.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #02-03
Telephone: 6636 5949
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm (Daily)


2 thoughts on “Tanuki.

    • Indeed it is. Though small, it’s power packed. Hah. That’s a waste! You should bring your oysters-lover friends there though, I think they’ll love you forever, lol.

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